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as I mentioned last month, it seems some people were feeling a bit daunted :? by responding to all the individual birthday announcements, others feel weird because they get more/fewer responses than others, and I missed a couple :shock: which Ann and Kasey caught. to simplify, :idea: we will now post all the (known) birthdays at the beginning of each month. then, if you want to send people individualized wishes, you can PM them on their day! please use the PM feature for this, because if we start posting on the Board to individuals we'll be right back where we started - with some people being left out, etc. if I've missed you on the list, PM me and I will add you! :P


5 - Jyoung20 (Jamie)....Italian cream cake

9 - rogfam (Christy)....Cocoa casa cake

16 - rsw1124 (Deb)....Black forest

17 - NancyB....White cake - chocolate icing

24 - LynneH....Pumpkin pie -- NO whipped cream

28 - Joe B....Tiramisu

30 - ginnyde (Ginny)....Dark chocolate -- mocha frosting

31 - niececola (Denise).... Chocolate

Happy birthday month, guys! 8):lol:



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Just wanted to say thank you ALL for the

wonderful birthday wishes!! :)

I had a great day. I was stressed at work

and one of the teachers had to leave and when

she got back she had brought me a card and a

GIANT hershey bar!! how sweet was that? :D

Then, my husband had bought me a cake and ice cream and a new purse! :) Doesn't get any better than that!

So, thanks again!!


ps tomorrow my momma is making me the cocoa casa cake!!! Thank you Lord for my precious momma!!

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