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Thank you all for your concern. I am scheduled for surgery Monday for another biopsy. The mamogram and needle biopsy were inconclusive so they are doing a lumpectomy to remove it all and biopsy the whole thing. I guess then they will send that to pathology to give me the answers I am fretting.

Until then I am on antibiotics to see if if could be some sort of glandular or lymph node infection.

I so appreciate all the prayers and care and concern. I really need it. I keep praying to my mom and dad to make this turn out ok. I hope they hear me. Fear can be crippling.

I will post next monday or tuesday when I get the results.

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Shelly there are lots of prayers being sent you way.

I also believe you mom and dad are watching over you.

I know you are so scared and this is especially hard for you to stay positive as for the history of your family. But I know even if they find something it will be an early stage and you will be fine.

Sending ultra mega prayers for you for postive results.

We are always here for you and care for you so much. Please keep us posted..



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Like Maryanne said, with your family history, it must be hard for you to think anything but negative. The fears are hard enough anyway, take this from someone who, after 2 1/2 years, can finally sometimes feel comfortable planning for a future event.

But sometimes things DO turn out okay Shellie, and if it were ever ANYONE's turn for it to be okay, it is yours for sure.

Keeping you in my thoughts..hang in there girl!

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