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Getting to Know You - December 07


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Well, after yesterdays question, I see that a lot of you think that you have (had)the perfect mate already. So...if you're one of those people that have already found your perfect mate, please tell us what three characteristics they have that make (made) them so wonderful.

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Dennis was certainly the best thing that ever happened to me.

He was able to put up with all my many flaws.

He was faithful and loyal...always true

He had the most beautiful brown eyes in the entire world

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After reading my post, I have to add this.

My Dennis also had a wonderful sense of humor. He always found something light hearted in even the worst of situations. People around him were always laughing after listening to his stories. I just read my post and I can just hear Dennis saying....almost like he's whispering in my ear...

Wow...after that description of me, I can see why she loves that damned golden retriever. Accepting, loyal, faithful and big brown eyes!!!

Gang...that would definitely be a Dennis King statement, so laugh along, please!

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My hubs is not perfect.

But neither am I.

He is more balenced than I am.

He is a kinder, gentler...sweeter version of me.

I have a harder time with emotions and empathy...He will rescue baby birds and kitties.

He is always looking ahead. I live for today.

He's wicked handsome and tall and handsome. Oh yeah, he's good looking.

He does fart a lot though.

That is why no other babe has managed to steal him away.

i am very tolerant.


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Ann, can't do JUST 3!

Jim had a wonderful, irreverant sense of humor.

Jim loved me, no matter what.

Jim loved every animal on earth, tried to save them all.

Jim was My Rock. As long as he was here, I knew anything and everything would be okay. (tonight was our first snow since he has been gone. he wasn't here to warn me, worry about me, and hug me when I arrived home. sucks.)

Jim was.........okay, I will stop here but maybe we can do this one again sometime Ann.

Loved reading about everyone else's Loved Ones!



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Oh gosh...

**He helps me, when I would never ask for help (still need to convince myself that I can do everything myself)and makes it look like I didn't need him to

**He is an amazing dad for our kids

**He makes me laugh. Even when I think I can't.

There's more, but you did say three...

:) Kelly

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1) He loves me with all my faults.

2) He is very smart and he is always teaching me things I know nothing about. Especially history,

3) He would unselfishly give his life for me it ever G-d for bid it came to that.

4) He will always be there for me though whatever curves life throws my way. He's my ROCK!


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Charlie is so giving. He gives without expecting anything in return.

He is very wise and always has an opinion to give my view of the world some balance.

He loves to cook and is great at it.

He has always been supportive of me, my career decisions and my music (I love to sing).

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This is easy. Stopping at 3 is the hard part.

Johnny was talented and soooo sexy. I was the most jealous person you could imagine when we first met.

He had the kindest heart and his love always shown in his beautiful golden brown eyes. Still he always told me how much he loved me.

He also had the greatest sense of humor. His humor was a little rustic but he could always make me laugh. He liked to tease me and make me blush. I could give an example but I'm not sure you are all ready for what he told his daughter in law about why his son should go to chemo :!:

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Don was just the best ever. He loved me and completely accepted me and all my faults. He tolerated my emotional ups and downs and always tried to get me to be more assertive. He was always there for me and for my family EVERY TIME any of us needed anything.

He was dependable and the most self-disciplined, hard working man I have ever known in my life. He probably missed less than 10 days of work in 38 years (until cancer came along), and would do what needed to be done as soon as it needed to be done.

I used to give him a hard time because he would wash his truck even when it was 25-30 degrees outside. I would tell him it was too cold to do that, and he would just say, "It's dirty now! It has to be washed now!"

He was incredibly strong physically. He was very outspoken and everyone always knew how he REALLY felt about anything - and he was almost always right!

That's way more than three, but I could keep going and going and going . . . .he was just the best! I loved him so much and I miss him so much!

Love to all,


P.S. Ann, thanks for this topic.

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