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I'm new to the site. Well new to posting. I've been reading for about a week now, trying to get up the nerve to post.

My name is Brandi. My dad, who is 48, was diagnoised with SCLC in October. He went into the emergency room with kidney stones and they found his cancer then. It showed up in his liver where they first noticed it on CT scan. It has metastasized to his liver and bones. He has been on chemotherapy for 3 cycles, getting ready to start the 4th cycle tomorrow depending on if the chemo is working according to the tests they did last week. They are doing the Carboplatin and VP-16 combo. The dr today upped his nausea medicine to Zofran. He is on Morphine fast release pills right now. And is also on a medicine (I forgot the name right now) to keep his sodium levels up. They had plunged down to 107 when he was in the hospital. The dr he went to today wouldn't say anymore about the tests that he done last week other than his bone scan lit up like a light bulb, her exact words.

A little more about me. I'm 23 and have a 6 year old son named Dakota. Married to Chris. I have a 18 year old brother named Matt, who is unable to be home during all of this due to his just joining the Navy. He is now in CT doing his schooling to do what he wants to do.

Sorry that this post got so long. But I hope to find some great support here.

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Hi Brandi,

welcome to the family. So sorry you need us, but glad you found us. As you have probably already witnessed this is a wonderful group of people. you will find caregivers/family members and many survivors ready to provide hugs, prayers or whatever else you may need. Please keep posting

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Welcome. So sorry this has touched your family, too. We'll all go through this together with you and Chris and Dakota.

How is your son handling this? There are some wonderful books at the library (and in the hospitals) to help kids undertand cancer when you feel the need to explain it at their age level.

This must also be hard on your brother - being away and getting used to a new way of life.

Hang in there,


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Hi Brandi,

I would also like to welcome you to our family. I am so glad you decided to post becasue now we could get to know you and give you the support you need.

I am sorry to hear about your dad. It is very devestating to hear a diagnogsis like that.

I pray you get some encouraging results from your dads last test.

We are always here if you need us.

Prayers sent to your dad.


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Welcome Brandi,

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad...but so happy that you found us.

I can promise you that you WILL find lots of great support here.

There are those that are here daily, and them some members that drop in as needed. Either way, it is a wonderful group of caring people.

Hope the Carbo/VP-16 combo works for your Dad and that he will get his treatment today!!!

Stay strong and please keep us posted on your Dads progress.



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Thank you all for the warm welcome. Sorry it took so long to get back. Dad was in the hospital yesterday with what they originally thought was a blood clot in his lung, ended up not being one, thankfully. Then they thought it was his heart, which also turned out it was not. So not sure what it was. His oncologist told the dr in the hospital that his CT scans turned out good and that the chemo is working on the liver and lung cancer. So that is great! He will start his chemo on Tuesday because his dr isn't in the office on Monday and they can't start today because its a 3 day treatment.

Leslie - I was wondering if you know the names of the books. My son's doctor and nurse were not very helpful. They just gave me info on books for death. Which I already have from when my grandfather died when I was his age. He came up with it was like the cancer is a rat. The rat is eating pepaw's (that is what he calls my dad) insides. The chemo is rat poison and the rat will eat the rat posion and die. If the rat poison don't work, then the rat will eat pepaw's insides. My aunt talked with him because at the point and time, I was almost in the midst of an emotional breakdown.

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I'll get right on it! There are probably others here who have used books with their families and can also recommend from first-hand experience.

So glad the scares were only that and that your dad's important progress is going along really well!


I'm back! :D

Here are two great links. The first is Amazon.com and lists the books, products - you can order right online. Also has links to coloring books by the American Cancer Society and others.

The second link is a website specifically designed to help parents explain a grandparents' cancer to kids!

Hope these help! Good luck!

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/096678 ... e&n=283155

http://www.vh.org/pediatric/patient/can ... ithcancer/

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Hi Brandi,

Welcome to our family. This is the best support for LC on the Net. We are here to lend and ear and our hearts. Please come here often, there is usually always someone here...

Hope the books Leslie has referred you to helps your little boy. Sorry your brother can't be with you. We are here for you in the mean time... :wink:

Lot's of prayers coming your way.

Blessings and hugs,


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