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Connie - Update Friday 12/16

Donna G

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Connie just called from Rochester. She just saw the cardiologist and a Heart Surgeon. Yes she will have to have Heart surgery, she says January 18 at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. The Myxoma has returned. During the angiogram they found one vessel that needs repair so she will have a bipass at the same time. She said she is not going back to Vegas, she will stay here.

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This isn't the outcome I was hoping for. I don't know much about heart conditions, so I had to look Connie's up. I feel much better now that I understand it. Heart stuff just always sounds so scary - but this is not what I thought.

So I've turned from worry to just plain frustration that she has to put up with the hassle and healing when she should be pulling slot machine handles and visiting the Liberace Museum!

Hang in there, Connie!


Here's the link to info:


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Thank you for the update Donna. Connie is continually in my prayers. I pray that she has a successful surgery. She is definitely a fighter and a survivor. I think it will not be too long before she is back telling us about her ordeal and encouraging someone else.


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I am so sorry to hear our Connie has to have heart surgery. I know this was always a possiblilty but to actually hear an operation, that is scarey. But I know Connie will go come through this with flying colors. She is such a brave, positive woman.

Let her know that we love her and are sending mega prayers to her for a successful operation and for a restful recovery.

I don't know if she will post before her operation but we miss her presence so much here. Please let her know how much we miss her and how we pray for her.


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