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I am new


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I am new and don't know much about message boards but I can use as much support as I can get.

I am a 50 years old female.I was not sick had to signs of anything.On Aug.2 ,2005 three days before my 50th birthday I had a seizure while pulling into the parking lot of a Walmarts.

My daugther and her 5 year old son was with me. I was taken to the emergency and they did test.They told me I had sclc and it had spread to the brain and I had 5 leisons in my brain.I never dreamed I was even sick.

They begain 14 days of whole brain radation 35 grays and 1 week later I started Chemo with Carboplatin and etoposide. 5 weeks of that along with radation to the lung.Something they don't do often I understand for several reasons but I wanted to be very aggressive with the treatment as long as my body would handle it.

I was very lucky and did well with few side effects. Today my lung is clear and I have only one small leison left in the brain along with some white brain matter leisons that don't look to be cancer.Most likely it is damage from the whole brain radation.They will do another MRI in Feb.and do gamma knife if the cancerous lesion is still there. Thats my cancer history.I worry about the leisons in the white brain matter they say that they are doing no damage.Does anyone know about this?


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Welcome Judy,

We are here to offer you whatever support you need. Your story is really something! It sounds as if you had a good team of docs and they were very aggressivein taking care of that cancer. That is great.

Let us know what you need. If you fill out a Profile - like you see under our names - those with SCLC will be able to help you even better.

I didn't know anything about message boards before coming here either. You will notice there is a SCLC forum and there you may find help also. Look all around the board. You will be inspired by many of those here.


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Judy,welcome to our support family.You will find many knowing and caring people here.It sounds like you & your dr.team have been busy and beating back the cancer pretty well.

PS: It is not hard to have seizures or anything else in Wal Mart Parking lots.My wife always has me a nervous wreck at Walley World as we call it.

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Hi Judy and welcome. It looks like your treatment has been working well.

I don't know for sure, but I would say that if the lesions in the white matter are not causing you any cognitive problems and you are not having siezures and can walk and talk, it is probably best just to leave them alone except for monitoring them with periodic brain scans. I think others have had the white matter lesions removed, but I think they were having problems.

I hope your next mri shows the brain met to be gone.

Don M

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Hi Judy. Welcome. We are bothe Leo's. I turned 50 Aug 4th and the following December was told I had lung cancer ( that was in 1997). Sounds like you have responded well to your treatment. Will be looking for your updates. Donna G

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Welcome Judy.

You are just so young to have lung cancer. Lots of "young" folks here ...older and younger than you!

You have come to a great place for support. Can't help with your question today, but you will get other's experiences soon.

This is a helpful group. We want you to succeed!

Sounds like you are doing a good job so far.

Cindi o'h

You might want to post your question in the small cell lung cancer forum too.

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Hi Judy,

My husband Alan also has sclc. He had mets to the brain in july and like you had WBR. :(

I am happy to say Alan is doing remarkably well..Like you Alan does have some progession of scar tissue and loss of hearing in his left ear, but the best news is NO cancer!!! so we can live with the rest.

Alan just past his 1 year anniversary of diagnosis and is still going strong. So we are busy living life and making memories. :D:D Never give up hope!!!

This board is full of the most supportive and loving folks you could ever come in contact with. They have helped me through some of the more difficult times in Alan's history (which you will see in his profile)

I will pray for you that you continue doing well.

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Hi Judy,

Welcome to our family. Sorry you had to find us, but you will find we are very supportive and informative group.

You seem to be handling your situation really well and the doctors seem to know what they are doing. You are doing so well. Keep a positive attitude as that is half the battle.

Keep us informed

You may want to put a profile that will apprear at the bottom or your postings so we will remember what type you have and your progress.

Take care,


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