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Bring Your Friend, Pub is Open!

cindi o'h

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Bring your pal by the pub..

This week we are having a party for our Pals.

You can roast 'em and toast 'em, you can get 'em all sloppy (I do overpour sometimes).

You are responsible for the drive home. Then come by with another friend...It's a party! :P

But, remember, you have to pay your tab before you leave!

Cindi o'h

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Wow, Cindi! I am out of breath :shock: ! I am huffin' and puffin' trying to get here at breakneck speed....all with part of my lung missing :roll: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ALWAYS like the 'surprise' drinks you come up with for me :P . I promise I will be on my best behavior this time :? !



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okay.. I am bringing Jackie.. aka J.C.

She is such a lush, I tell ya! She sits on the barstool nearly everyday from noon til closing. Always with a joke and a laugh for anyone whose spirts are low. Sit by Jackie if you are feeling down and she will carve your name in her prayerful candle for you this week. She is a honey, I tell ya. In spite fo all of her difficult experiences and the loss of her love, she will continue to put her best foot forward everday and have all around her in stitches.

She is one of the most giving people I have ever met.

Here is to you, Sis Jackie! Thanks for hanging out at the pub with the rest of us sots and teetotalers...(you know who you are, and welcome anyway!)

Yay! Jimben!

Glad you came by...now where is your damn friend?

love, Cindi o'h

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I'll be over, but wonder how much your post

will cost me at the end of the evening, is it

only for one night???.

Got the doughnuts for the boys and roses for the girls.

Better get another waiter with the gang coming,

we want you to sit also and make us laugh.



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I want to bring Snowflake. She is a "hoot". I bet she really tells it like it is when she has had some "toddy" for the "body". That would be a total of three seats. Close to the ground please--it's always a loooonnnnnggg way down.



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Hey Donna, as you're coming down the turnpike pick me up at Ft. Washington. I'll be the one with the gold lame(How do you put one of those thingys over the e so it sounds French) jumpsuit on.

Cindi, a good Oregon Pinot Noir in one of those huge red wine glasses please.

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It's been a hell of a day here--beer just isn't gonna cut it today. So John and I are coming with a designated driver (Debi) :wink: . I'll have a perfect margarita if you can make one Cindi--not the frozen crap--and lots of salt. John will have Jack Daniels on the rocks with a Molson Canadian chaser. Look out boys and girls.

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I am bringing TAnn and my cleavage which is always a welcome site at a bar!!!!

TAnn, youre my gal pal. You love the Astros and that is pure Houstonian enough for me. I will do tequila shots and never sway on my feet for you...that is how much I want good health to pulse through your veins.

Don Wood and Lucie can play all my quarters on the juke box. I hope they play Willie and Waylon and Patsy Cline and Emmy Lou and crazy Haired boy from Klien....Lyle Lovett. Here's my sock full-o coins......anyone up for a poker game......nickel ante? Man, i got some stress to burn and fun is the way i likes to do it!

Eppie out!

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Well, well Cindi, I was waiting for when you were going to through a Pub party...

Its been a long time coming and soooo many of us can use this deversion...

Move over all I am comming, Joel had another NED on his CT so we need room for him on a stool.

He is buying drinks all around!!! :mrgreen:

Make mine an extra extra dry Stolies or Kettle Run Martini. Lots of extra olives.

I may even try on of your margerita's.

We are on our way........

Maryanne :wink:

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