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HELP!!..doc order's Pet...I am sooo nervous


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Hi Folks...I haven't been on line for a while but I DO know where to come when my mind is going 'wacko"...thanks kids.

Went to the GP and he is ordering another Pet/Ct on Friday..."just to make sure" he say's...I am soooo nervous...he is doing this because of the pin's and needle sensation's again...and then say's will send me to a "neuro" doc at John Hopkins....Now what I am concerned about...why the Pet??..

grrrrrrrrr....I hate this feeling...Why can't I just say..."OK that's fine"?.....NOOOOOOO not me...right away the mind starts going hay wire....so I'm asking if you don't mind..for your prayer's again to find out where the heck these P and N's are coming from and praying that it is not cancer related..

So sorry to be such a wimp when there is soo much going on here..My prayers are with you all EVERY day and night begging for a cure...PLEASE GOD...

OK gang...time to pop a zanax..I'd rather be saying 'time to make the donut's"...

Take care...stay well and God be with us all....luv...PamS.

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Sounds like you have a very proactive doc, Pam....and that is a VERY good thing. I would be MORE apprehensive if you weren't getting a PET scan. So.....my hopes are for a PET scan that is black as coal :D . That is always what I hope for myself. Mine never is though :? ! However, what little lights up is not to be concerned about....or so says the doc :shock: !

Let us know how it goes. In the meantime ~ prayers back to you for good results and answers to those P's and N's!


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Hard not to be wacko once you've had a cancer dx isn't it.

I've been clean for almost 4 years and I still get the heebie jeebies before a scan.

You seem to have a good dr there, proactive is always good, so take a deep breath and have a zanax and a donut!

Best wishes for a clean scan


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Well, I'm nuts too but I think its great that your doctor is being overly cautious, hell..I couldn't PAY for a PET scan in this town- I think the doctors all own stock in the insurance company and don't want to order any tests..

Anyway, I would be nervous but I'm sure everything will be okay. I have the pins and needles thing going on too over here, and have since my surgery. I still don't know what it is, so for crying out loud will you find out for me?? :shock:

I will keep everything crossed for you, just to be on the safe side!!

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