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Some really good news!


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Saw my onc. yesterday and we went over the results of my latest PET/CT. Good news is that although the tumor is still there (shrunk a bit), its "virtually dead". SUV level is normal. No sign of mets. Unfortunately, surgery isn't an option because of location of tumor. Onc. didn't see the point in putting me through another round of Taxotere since the last 2 were just brutal (diarrhea and fatigue). Had an injection of Sandostan to try and minimize the diarrhea and started Tarceva today, will watch for side effects, and will see the onc. again in a month if all goes well.

It not the NED I was hoping for, but I'm sure happy with the news I got. Wishing good news for all of you.


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Hi Trish.

I went over what you had written and your detailed treatments. You have been through so much, girl!

To me, it sounds as if you are NED. There doesn't appear to be any signs of cancer anywhere, right?

One of the original tumors continues to show on my CT scans, but it really hasn't changed all that much in these years, so I would say it is deadr'n'a doornail. Yours probably is too the way you beat the dickens out of it!

Well, anyway.


Cindi o'h

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