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My dear Dad has left us


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Sadly, my Dad passed away quickly and peacefully on Wednesday, May 3rd. It took me awhile to get back online as I've been with my mother the past 12 days and I didn't have internet access. When I last posted, Mom had called to tell me Dad had come down with the flu the day before. He vomited dark blood and she took him to the emergency and they admitted him. No one led her to believe that he was in serious condition, so she went home around 10pm that night to get some rest. She made phone calls first thing in the morning to her kids to let us know about Dad's flu. She then went to the hospital and they informed her that Dad wasn't good and that she should prepare herself. Dad was on blood thinners due to having a previous leg clot a few weeks earlier. Something gave in his upper GI track and because his blood was so thin, there was nothing they could do to stop the bleed. When my mother called to tell me, I was in a complete state of shock. It was the longest 1 hour 45 minute drive of my life. Dad passed away so quickly that I couldn't make it there in time to say goodbye. :cry: My brother, sister, and mother were by his side and they told him to hold on for me and my other brother to get there, but he just couldn't hold on. I cried so hard when I got there and found out I was too late. He died so fast there was no possible way I could have gotten there in time. It was heartbreaking for me not to say goodbye to my father, but I know Dad heard my goodbyes from heaven. I know my Dad knew how much I loved him.

I wanted to tell you how Dad died because I had just updated you all on how well he was doing. I don’t want anyone to lose hope…Dad died of a complication of the cancer, not the actual cancer. I do feel thankful that Dad died quickly and peacefully. He wouldn’t have wanted to linger and suffer. We had a beautiful funeral service for Dad that was kept upbeat and more of a celebration of the great life he lived. My sister and I did the tribute and then we played a video of pictures of Dad through his life to the music of Josh Grobin – You Raise me up. I know Dad is in a better place and he is now free from his cancer.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Dad fought the good fight. The LCSC Community has been such a blessing to me during the past 2 years. May you all keep up the hope and keep fighting the good fight.


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I've been thinking of you these past 2 weeks and am so sorry that you have lost your dear Dad. I cannot begin to imagine that drive you took to get there. And sorry again that you felt you did not get there in time to say good-bye. My thinking is that it more important you got to say things you wanted BEFORE...............and you did. The service sounds like it was a very moving one. May many warm memories of your Dad help ease the pain of losing him. I lost my own dear Dad 23 years ago. Memories of him now cause me to smile......................as I hope will be for you in time to come.


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Dear Sherri,

I just read your post and I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. I am glad that he did not suffer and went fast.

I know that he did know how much you love him and he wanted too but his body just could not hold on.

The tribute to him sounded beautiful. You wonderful dad will live on in your heart forever.

Please accept my deepest condolences to you, your mom and your siblings.


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Sherri - I am so sorry to hear you have lost your dear dad and that you did not make it there in time for the last good-bye. Please find consolation in the fact that he went quickly in the end and did not lay there suffering for an extended period of time. And I am sure he did hear your last good-bye. Sounds like it was a lovely service. Your dad did fight the good fight and you were there by his side. I'm sure he was so proud.


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I am so sorry to hear this. May eternal rest be granted unto him oh Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon him always.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, your peaceful postings, and your support. God bless you and your family.

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Sheri I am so sorry to hear this news. I know how hard this is. I have been there with Debs Pasing in Jan. This is a link that I like and youmay want to see this also. Speaks volumes. I will say prayers anfd hope eryone is as ok as ok can be. Condolences and Prayers and My deepest sympathies. Remember if you look up you can see you father above you. That helps me sometimes.


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Sherri, I am so sad to hear your news. It's heartbreaking that you had to face that drive only to have the news that you did when you arrived. (((Sherri))).

You mentioned that at your Dad's service you played the song, You raise me up. It's funny because as popular as that song is, I never seem to catch it on the radio but just yesterday it was playing in the grocery store while I was there and I sang along as I walked the aisles. It is such a moving and heartfelt song and I will always be reminded of you and your Dad now, when I hear it again.

May God bless you and comfort you during this difficult time.


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