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Dad UPdate...Last Time Up...This Time Down

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Urgh....dad has 3 rad treatments left, and got sick. They were of course at home, not at Mayo...so 5 hours from docs, and they want him to stay here of course...as blood counts were dangerously low...we all don the masks, gloves, gowns, etc. to see him.

His heart is beating irradically, and much too quickly. They gave him meds to slow it down. This happened before his broch as well.

He has pneumonia in both lungs, and the side affects of radiation are high right now...it is hurting him to eat...he eats fine, and then as soon as it hits about the asophagus area it hurts him bad..."OH SH**"

he says as soon as he can take a breath...

Any ideas, suggestions? How about plain old prayers.

Thanks guys!

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Darn it..sorry to hear that he is having such a rough time. Please know he has my prayers as well as all of you!

My mom had a rough bout of radiation pneumonitis and bacterial pneumonia and was eventually put on a short course of steroids to help the inflammation and shortness of breath. She was also given antibiotics for the bacterial component. She was discharged on home oxygen and needed it 24-7 but is totally off it now. She did get better :D

She also had a heck of a time with swallowing..again, a side effect of the radiation. She became really dehydrated and lost waaaay too much weight because she wouldn't eat cuz it hurt too much. You may want to try soft foods, puddings, ensure, ice cream..just anything that he can get down so he doesn't lose weight. Her doc also prescribed the *magic mouthwash* which did help with the discomfort and also liquid tylenol with codeine.

Many prayers and hang in there, ok


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Sorry he is having such a rough time. Mom's doctor opted to skip mom's last couple of radiation treatments due to her difficulty eating. A month later she felt it was getting worse and not better so she saw a gastro doc thinking her esophagus needed to be stretchted. Turned out she just had severe ulcers at the bottom of her esophagus that just needed more time and different meds to start to heal (Carafate and Nexium). Just get the calories in whatever way he can get them down...ice cream, soups or Ensure/Boost. It WILL get better.

Just remember the treatments are doing their job with the cancer cells and kickin' butt (unfortunately it effects the healthy cells too!).


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How about plain old prayers.

They are the best kind!

Sorry he is so uncomfortable. My husband also had a touch of radiation related pnumonia. His breathing has gone downhill since the radiation and extensive chemo. We keep looking for ways to get it better. He's pretty frustrated right now too! We do understand. :(

We all need a little more peace in our lives right now. Praying for all of us.


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So very sorry to hear that things aren't going well for your Dad right now. I know he will feel much better when his blood counts are back up. In the meantime, please know that I am thinking of you, your dad and family and remembering you in my prayers.

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