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Ants in my pants!


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I have a PET scan scheduled for Thursday morning -- my first since stopping Taxotere and starting Tarceva in late April. I'm so anxious about how the Tarceva is doing that I can hardly sit still. Also, my first anniversary since dx is just around the corner on August 15 and that's got me all antsy. Add to that the fact that I was just recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (my first colonoscopy -- YUCK! and YUCK! I'm not going back for another when I'm 50!) and I'm up running to the restroom constantly. Thank goodness for understanding co-workers and family members who know how to clear out of the way when they see that look on my face!

I'd love to be able to just medicate myself into a stupor until Thursday, but then I might not be able to make it to the bathroom in time. Grrrrrr. Can't wait for the weekend.


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Hi Trish,

I missed this post yesterday...

One day down...come on Thursday :D

Do you get your results this weekend??

Crossing my fingers that the results will be worth the wait.

I'll be watching for your good news update.

Warm Hugs,


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I too had Ulcerative Colitus a few years back. I went to Barnes Hospital for treatment. What worked for the bathroomproblems was Lomatil. You need to get it under control. You can lose too much weight and dehydrate very easily. It is a horrible disease and you need to try and get it under control.

Ask your doctor, it works for the potty problems. Plrase keep us posted and also the results of your test on Thursday...

God Bless and prayers,


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Saying lots of prayers for great test results on Thursday, Trish. I know how hard waiting can be. I think I'm probably the world's most impatient person. Be careful with those "ants in your pants." That could get painful...lol!

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