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my mother had not been feeling well since the first full week of august. she thought it was her kidneys (which are prone to infection as they weakened b/c of the way i was positioned during her pregnancy). she bought cranberry juice and drank lots of water but the pain would not go away. she was tired all of the time and couldn't sit up for long. i asked her repeatedly to go to the hospital. "i will. i will." but she didn't go.

on august 28th i took her temperature. when the themometer said 103 i handed her her clothes and called a cab to take us to the emergency room at 11 that night. by 5 a.m. she was told they found a mass in her lungs. she was admitted to the hospital. they scheduled a biopsy and indeed the mass was a tumor. non small cell lung cancer they said. further ct scans and mris came back clean. the cancer seem to only be between her two lungs (therefore, the doctors have decided it is inoperable) and in some of her lymph nodes. i am her only child and i did not take the news well.

i've shored myself up mostly b/c of her. she hasn't missed a beat. she says she cried at first but said, "how can i beat this if i'm crying?" her doctor's are ready to be aggressive, she's ready to put her will into it and i'm doing what i can for her holistically.

that was long. basically, hi and i'm sorry that we all have to be on this board for this type of thing but it's nice to know all of you are out there and can help me (and her) through this journey.

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Grab a Pocket Organizer for all the Apptmnts, questions, Test results, Good News, And anything else you can think of. Let us know of anything you want to know about. We can help. Glad everyone is getting ready for fight against the beast. May not be easy but we will smooth out as much as we can.

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Hi Lennonsgirl!

You came to a great place for support, AND info. I am just so sorry you have to be here.

It sounds like your Mom put on her fighting gloves, and is ready to kick booty. I admire her attitude! There are many long term survivors here to give you hope! You'll be hearing from them soon!

In the meantime, welcome. I'll add my postive thoughts and prayers, for you and your Mom!

Hang in there!

Yours in HOPE!!


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Hi and welcome Lennonsgirl,

So sorry to hear of your Moms DX but glad you found this place. You will find much inspiration, care and friendship to help you and your Mom through these difficult times.

Sounds like your Mom has a great attitude. I truly believe that your Moms mental set and a good treatment plan will make for great success.

Hang in there, you will feel MUCH better once your Mom is on a solid treatment plan.

Take some time to read and interact with the MANY survivors on this board, you will find it very inspiring!

All my best to you and your Mom,


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Hi Lennonsgirl,

With your mom‘s positive attitude and your to help, I’m sure you can beat this. I was stage IV inoperable and have been cancer free since November 2005. Learn all you can and then apply it. This is a good place to meet friends that will help. I am new here myself, but I am sure you will meet a lot of friends here.


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I am so sorry to hear the news about your mom. I know how scared you are but please know this, she can beat this, Many here have and are doing just fine. She will feel better once treatment is started.

Keep a positive attitude and keep the faith as is has moved many a mountain. LC is NOT a death sentence.

She has to put on those boxing gloves and start fighting and Never Give UP!

You are not alone, we are always her for you 24/7

Keep us posted on her progress.

Maryanne :wink:

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thanks so much for the kind words, prayers and encouragement.

mom started chemo on 9/18 which she did each day that week. had cisplatin on the 1st day and i believe she gets that one again tomorrow (9/25). she had etoposide most of the other days. radiation began on 9/20. the chemo has made her nauseaous and she has actually vomited a few times but says she feels better after.

once she's done with this cycle and has her checkup, can i ask her oncologist to give her different types of chemo if the cisplatin and etoposide haven't worked? i don't see those listed too much on anyone's posts so are they not very effective?

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Hi lennonsgirl and welcome to the group.

Sounds like your Mom is very lucky to have a team of docs and a daughter who are ready and willing to help her fight.

Cisplatin is a common chemo for lc. Chemo and radiation combined can be very effective, but also extremely tiring after a few weeks.

Is your Mom taking anti-nausea meds? Her docs need to know if chemo is making her sick to stomach as she needs to keep her energy and calories up.

When I was diagnosed, I waited for my Mom to give me her usual pep talk about how strong I am, how I've been able to do anything if I really want to, etc. But to my shock, that pep talk never came. She gave up on me and that was very hard to overcome.

You can help your Mom by reminding her of how strong she is, how many hard things she's done in the past, and how just how tough she can be.

Welcome again lennonsgirl. Your Mom is in my prayers.


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they're keeping my mom overnight (or few the next few days). she was set to have her last cisplatin/etoposide combo today but i noticed the whites of her eyes were yellow. they gave her the radiation but passed on the chemo. did an ultrasound of her liver and it is clean just as it was before. they're also giving her another chest x-ray. the doc who is filling in for her regular oncologist is hitting her with fluids and antibiotics as he says he doesn't know if this is coming from (1) side effects of chemo, (2) tumor fever or (3) infection from her recent blood transfusion.

if it ain't one thing it's another!! i came home and cleaned to make myself feel useful!

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