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Getting to Know You - October 18


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I hate it when moms allow their little ones to pick up the candy and gum off the racks. Then, when mom says they can't have it, the kids go off like a siren. I know it's hard to monitor the little ones while unloading a grocery cart. Believe me when I say I've been there and done that. But...I wish stores would get a clue and put all this stuff up high out of little hands reach!!!

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What bugs me most in the express line is the person who has several different discounts that have to be put in (no problem with coupons, they are fast scanned); then they write a check, but, of course, at that point, they are trying to find it in their purse, and then they have to show ID, and it has to be approved. So much for "express". I think these people should go in the regular lines. Don

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Oh Don...I'm really with you on this one. It seems like I go through this a couple of times a month. I always seem to land behind someone who is writing a check and then searching for ID. Oh..also love it when they have to fill the check out at the last minute. Would help so much if they had the name of the store, date and sign the check already filled out! But...I never use checks too much anymore. I can't live without my debit card.

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Okay, here goes.

I pick up a can of tuna.

I put the can in my cart.

I take it out of my cart.

I put it on the conveyer belt.

I put it in my bag.

I put the bag in my cart.

I take the bag out of my cart.

I put the bag in my car.

I take the bag out of my car.

I put the bag on the kitchen counter.

I take the tuna out of the bag.

I put the tuna in the cabinet.

12 steps for 1 can of tuna. This is why I hate grocery shopping. So just about anything in the check out line annoys me.

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The cost of the groceries!!! :lol: DEb and I used to have so much fun shopping together. We could laugh hysterically at anything. Now it is not nearly as much FUn to do!! :(

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I am with Ginny, the minute I cross the threshold I

hate every minute of the grocery store. Alan used to

do all the shopping, and love him, but he is a royal

pain in my backside when we go shopping. I am in and

out, but my man insists upon going up and down every

asile at a snails pace. By the time we are done I am

in need of a valium!!!

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All of the above..

but I have to admit that the worst of all the evils mentioned is the one when they don't have their checkbook out and the check filled out. I mean, is this a SURPRISE?? Yes lady, you.. surprise surprise, you actually have to PAY for your freakin groceries!!!!

Thanks Don and Ann, now my blood pressure is up...

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Come on Cindi, you love when the guys do that... admit it now :roll:

I hate those tabloids.... crazy titles. And I hate when they feature my soap opera on the cover, then I have to buy it.

Also express lines suck most of the times.. they always seem to need a price check of something. Makes me crazy when people could not bag their own when they only have a small amount in express.

Maryanne :wink:

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Every Mom has had a child melt down in line. That isn't what drives me crazy. It's the moms who don't know how to count to 3, but think they are parenting as they scream, "YOU PUT THAT CANDY DOWN...1, 2,...I MEAN IT...1, 2...I SAID 'NO', DON'T MAKE ME GET TO THREE...1, 2...."

It's three lady! We can't wait to see what happens next...

:P Kelly

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