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My MIL was diagnosed with suspected lung cancer (still being tested for the exact tumour) that has spread to the liver on Thursday last week. She was admitted to hospital the Saturday before with pneumonia and has been getting worse ever since. The doctor says there is no treatment available at this point and it just a matter of time before she passes away. It has been such a shock as she seemed to be in good health two days before that. Is this common?

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Welcome to the best LC support around!

I would get a second opinion- fast!!

There are tons of people on here who have liver mets and are doing really well!

Granted, I don't know all the details and am not a doc but my mom got a second opinion and went from inoperable to getting surgery.

You'll get a lot of responses keep checking back.

Prayers for you and your family.

Kelly :D

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Hello Ravenswood and welcome

I am sorry to hear about your MIL. What a tremendous shock that must have been!

I agree completely with Kelly, a 2nd opinion is definitely a good idea.

Please keep us posted on things and do not hesistate to ask any and all questions you have. This is a wonderful place to get support, answers and HOPE. Read some of the good news and survivors forum postings for some inspiration.

Let us know how else we can help. We are here for you.

My best to you and your family,


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My brother presented to the ER with bad pneumonia. He soon went into a coma and was intubated. His cancer was very advanced and he was on the brink of death, but with some chemo treatments, he had 4 more wonderful months that he (and I!!!) were blessed with.

Cindi o'h

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KICK HIS @!# and get a fighting doctor. It is not right for a doctor to do this to a patient.Little emotional today sorry!! You need a second or 3rd opinion as fast as you can get them.

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I will echo. A second opinion is huge. This way the patient is comfortable as is the family with what they are hearing.

Things with Lung Cancer can happen very fast unfortunately. But it doesn't mean they have to.

In my mothers case, they happened very fast (see timeline) but others here have not had the same experience.

I have just said a quick prayer for you and your family. God bless.

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If I understand your post correctly, it is suspected lung cancer? How can they predict anything until they know what they are dealing with? Many individuals here are Stage four and doing well. Good luck to you and by all means get another opinion-- someone aggressive that will fight for her.

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Um, get another opinion from a doctor who will advocate for their patient, not give up!

As others have indicated, even if it turns out to be advanced lung cancer (and the doctor doesn't even seem to know that yet), there are treatment options and folks surviving with decent quality of life for years! Lung cancer is survivable and can be "cured" (i.e. treated to where there is no evidence of disease) -- all depends on the staging of the disease the individual's response to treatments.

If it is lung cancer, it will probably be what's called stage 4 since the liver appears involved (in a site other than the lung itself) -- but that is still successfully treatable.


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Welcome to the board. I noticed you are from Canada. Is a second opinion an option with their public health care system? Is getting your MIL well from the pneumonia and getting her the heck out of THAT hospital an option?

Dear Lord, I can't believe they are making these kinds of statements when the diagnosis hasn't even been official! Your MIL, you and your family have to be assertive about her care and I hope for the best for all of you.

Keep us posted. We are here.



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Welcome! You have landed in a very safe zone here. You will find a tremendous support level (as you can see) and you can LEARN alot FAST.

My MIL was diagnosised with in the last 3 weeks with stage 4 lung cancer and the doctors have pretty much told her to do whatever, it wont make a difference!


There are thousands of people living and dealing with cancer. Nutrition nutrition nutrition!!! Supplements for vitamins. There can be hope if you MIL has it in her yet!!!

You (obviously) will get a "hands are tied" attitude from the doctors. Dont except it, keep a GOOD dotor posted and involved but seek information on nutrition and supplements it could help.

Most of all we will all be prayerful for you and one more thing, come back here to this site often you'd be amazed at the info and support. I sure have been in just 3 short weeks!

Beat it!!!!

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This would outrage me!! I could imagine how scred you all must be. There are so many treatments out there and they don't even really know her diagnosis yet.

I hope there is someone else you can see.

Please make a profile on the bottom or this page so we know what exactly she is dealing with.

I hope you are allowed to get 2nd and maybe even 3rd opinions. DO NOT listen to stastictics as LC is not necessarly a death sentence.


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Sorry to hear of your Mother is sick ... and everything happening so soon and quick. Unfortunately the research I've done her "schedule of events" is common. Most people do not have symptoms and if they do it's an indicator that the illness has spread and is in the later stages.

You have access to alot of information about this illness ....... but more so you have access to support and common emotions.

Good luck to your Mother In Law and the rest of your family at this time.


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