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Too Much Kentucky Fried Chicken? UPDATE

cindi o'h

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Muriel, remember you were sworn to secrecy... Don't tell her that RY kept the Pub open almost 24 hours: shock: She had no choice as too many members were passed out.... Oh well, now Cindi is back and things will get back on track, if there is such a thing as that. :roll:

Seriously, I am so glad to hear your news. You must be so relieved. You probably would have done better with a margarita than KFC... :D

Maryanne :wink

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Well I would say that spraying for fruit flies with asthma is nuts....but thanks for saving all the fruit in the bar. :lol: I'll come by and visit and we can share those little inhalers that we have. Maybe mine will work on you and vise versa. Glad you are home.


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I have really been struggling for the breath the past what? 2 weeks already?

Finally called the pulmonologist. He rx pred. 40mg on the phone. Tried that. Still no good.

Called my good and kind Dr. Cash and he up'ed the pred. to 60mg and gave an Rx for yet a third inhaler. Checked edema on my stinky feet. Poor Dr. Cash. He says, "oh, don't worry, if that's the worse thing I smell all day, then I have had a good day."

And guys, they really stunk!

This should do the trick. And if it doesn't, then ER here I come. Really. I am almost totally immobilized. Just lying down comfortably and I am sob. (sux to be me, sometimes) But, we'll get through this one too, right? All part of the deal.

Thanks for your good compassion understanding and ribbing. All necessary to carry on.

Cindi o'h

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Some days just do seem to put us down, don't they, Cindi :( ! I keep hoping one of your med team will FINALLY get to the bottom (and I don't mean stinky feet either) of this SOB. Keep on everybody until you get some relief. Since you're not quite up to it, I'll pour myself something at the bar and toast to you feeling much beter real soon.



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