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The new me.

David P

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Hey there everyone.

Just thought you all would like to see the new me before I get my head shaved next Thursday in support of a cancer charity called "Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock". 23 Local Vancouver Island police officers are riding over 700 miles from the north end of our island to the south end, stopping in communities along the way for fundraising events. The money goes to childhood cancer research, and Camp Goodtimes, a free summer camp for children with a history of cancer.

We had a contest at my school that ended yesterday; the five classes that raised the most amount of donations got to pick a name out of a hat of one of the 11 teachers who are going to get their heads shaved, and color their hair anyway the group decided. Well, as you can see, I'm going to spend the next eight days as Mr. Rainbow Head. I think I got the best looking head out of the bunch - one teacher got hot pink with green polkadots, while a female teacher got orange, green,and pink, with blue polkadots!!

All together these grade 6,7, and 8 students have raised about $7,000 for Cops for Cancer. Combined with the $15,000 I have raised at local malls and department stores, we will present the cops with a whopping $22,000 cheque next Thursday when I loose my hair. I'll make sure I post a new, hairless photo next week (got to keep up with the Dave Grants you know).

On a bit of a side note. I'm still trying to figure how to let you see my two TV interviews and newspaper article, along with a couple photos of me in the big race last month. I was going to try to make a link to the websites, but I don't know how,and now I can't even find the article on line. Maybe someone with computer knowledge can. The article was in the

Aug 29/03 Victoria Times Colonist Newspaper. Google will take you there, but the archives only goes back 14 days that I can see. Anyway, if you go to 24hrsofadrenalin.com and click on photo gallery, select 2003, scroll down to the very bottom to the black/red star, and click Whistler Mountain Resort. I'm in the 1st photo in the 2nd row - that's me at the start line in yellow, with the blue helmet. Then if you go to the 5th row, 5th photo, I,m just getting to the top of the World Solo Loop. If you scroll back to the top and click on the Spectrum Imaging banner you can find 9 more action shots of me. Scroll down to Quick Links and click 24 hrs of Adrenalin. There should be a green bullit beside World Solo 24hrs. Scroll down to bottom of page, type in #161, and click Go.

If anyone has some suggestions for how I can get the video stuff to you guys, let me know. I remember Connie had some video links in her posts before. Take care everyone,

David Piercy

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Hee, hee!! Love the hair; I think you should keep it that color when you let it grow again.

Wow, $22,000!! That's just remarkable! What an extraordinary thing you all are doing up there. I will check out the race photos, but I sure don't know how to make the newspaper links. Maybe one of our tech wizards can give some tips.


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Hey David, I had hair like that in high school back in '84-'86!!! My punk phase- Glad to see you catching up with the times! You look great! Not many men could carry off the multi colored hair thing, but you wear it well!

You are doing one hell of a great job, not only in fundraising, but in AWARENESS raising. It is so great that your students are being offered the opportunity to get involved in doing something about a disease that affects so many people on a daily basis...cancer...They sound like a great bunch of kids, and this journey that you've taken them on, with the fund raising and the hair dying/shaving thing-you are creating memories that they will, someday, share with their own children. And maybe even create some future fund raisers. By making the support they are giving fun as well as eye opening-they are a bunch of lucky kids.

Keep us posted as to how the "Tour de Rock" goes. Oh, and Dave, I forgot to tell you

"YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Take care, dude, Deb

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My God I want that hair! My hair is just growing back in and I am just finding out that 80% of it is gray! I haven't seen my own hair color in MANY years, only my hairdresser knows for sure! I would love to try your multicolor look but think I would only do it if it was for a fundraiser like you are doing. Thank you for doing all you do to raise funds, you are doing an outstanding job. We need more like you. God Bless

Bess B

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Guest Karen C.

First of all - David P - you look great! And your attitude is beyond infectious! We need more David P's in this world!

Secondly - David C - my husband - what up with the WV crack? (I'm a native of that fine state so I must know!).

By the way, David P - David C's sister is the lead fundraiser working for Children with Childhood Cancer. I bet she would be really interested in all that you're doing. I'll make sure we forward your posts to her.

Keep on smiling!


Karen C.

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Talk about a DOUBLE TAKE!!!!! :shock::?8):wink::roll::shock::D

That's our ever-lovin', Mr. positive, go-straight-at-life, guy, Mr. D.P.!

I love it!

We appreciate you, your outlook on life, and your efforts on behalf of cancer.. You are a neat example of what adulthood can mean to your students.

I hope Rick is able to post some links for us. Thanks!

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VERY attactive. You handle wearing color well! LOL Now, does this mean that once your head has been shaved we'll have a photo of that new look on the site? Because maybe......just maybe....if you show us your bald head I might show mine. I have thick, black eyebrows, and I can tell you that they have thinned a very tiny bit, but they still look plenty solid, which looks very strange with this totally hairless head... :wink:

Congrats on the fund raising....

Fay A.

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Hi All.

Thanks for all the kind words of support - I knew you'd like the new hair style. But I don't know if I want to get my head shaved anymore. I'm having far too much with my new head. (I know the issue is serious, but the way in which donations are generated HAS to be fun). And it's a fairly profitable rainbow as well. The conversation always goes something like this, " Hey, Love your hair." "Well then, show me how much you love it."

(As I pull out my pledge form and pen :lol: ) I've made slightly over $1000 in my last four shifts at my part time job at two department stores

using that line. And I've discovered something else that might be of interest to anyone else fundraising out there. The amounts of money the first few people on a pledge form write in will determine the amounts the rest of the people will pledge. On my first two forms people started with donations of $2.50, $4.00, and $5.00, and on the rest of each of those forms there was no donation over $5.00. On my next two forms people started with $10.00 and $20.00 pledges, and on the rest of both of those forms there was only three $5.00 pledges - all others were $10.00, $20.00

and $30.00 !!! Now whenever someone pulls out a $10 or $20 I get them to pledge on a NEW form! :wink:

Back to my head. I really am going to get my head shaved next Thursday

in front of the whole school, along with 10 other teachers and 22 students.

Fay mentioned if I post my bald photo (and I will) maybe she will post hers as well. I got to thinking about that and the reason Fay might be a little hesitant to show off her chrome dome. Now there may be issues that someone like myself, who has not been through chemo can't begin to understand, but as I see it the bald chemo head should be looked upon as another type of badge of honour that lung cancer survivors should be d.a.m.n proud to wear and show of. That bald head (especially on a woman) shows the fighting spirit of all people with cancer like nothing else can. It should be shown off! Perhaps one could write messages on the smooth surface that would start people thinking about LC as they ride down the escalator on the stair behind you. Or what about head painting?

Be creative. 8) Use your imagination. But don't continue to cover up and waste all that valuable space on top of your head.

I challenge all of you follically challenged folks out there to post your bald photo heads as soon as you can. I'll have mine up next friday and we can all compare heads with Ray and Dave G. Take care.

David P.

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I love your attitude, I have to say it is amazing.

as for the fund raising, that is such a good point, and I am raising money for the AIDS walk on Oct 19th. . . . .sorry folks, I have been doing AIDS charity stuff for half my life, but I promise to start sharing with lung cancer events, well maybe I'll start one. . . .anyhow I am going to try that, getting new forms for higher donations. :) Thanks for the tip!!!

You da'bomb! :lol::D:wink::!:

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My dome's not chrome....it's fish belly white because it's been hidden under a lot of black and white hair for many, many years! I will post the photo of bald headed me with black eyebrowns and eyelashes (assuming that the eyebrows and lashes haven't fallen out by then). But how do you feel about me wearing the gold beaded Cleopatra Head Piece? :wink:

Fay A.

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Where were you guys when I was bald. Now I see all the fun I missed. Painting the head etc. Wearing jewelry up there. I love it . Of course I wear bubbles around my neck at work so I have something to celebrate with if any one blows wind ( as post op patients) It always gets a laugh, and even if their tommy is sore they don't seem to mind. Do you think you would be too shocked if your nurse came in with multi colored hair? November is lung cancer awareness month!!

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