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Irreverent~but oddly hysterical


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Leave it to my beloved son, Dan, who faces health challenges daily and has stared down death on 3 occasions................

During a family holiday gathering some insensitive fool made a comment with regard to his oppinion that I am 'young' and that I may well NOT have to be alone for the rest of my life.

Dan, knowing how that comment stabbed my heart, took all the pain away by saying for everyone to hear:

"Are you KIDDING?: My Mother, having been widowed 2X, should have a warning label tatooed on her forhead!!!"

Everyone cracked up and I laughed my butt off. It felt wonderful.

Dan was hospitalized at the time of his 40th birthday and his co~workers have planned a surprise belated birthday bash for him tonight. It is portrayed as a 'holiday' party and he will be totally shocked to see that it is thrown in his honor. I am invited and considered a temporary tatoo, but then decided that I will save it for a more private gathering.............more appropriate, but less fun.


I was shocked to learn I could laugh so genuinely as I face the 1st anniversary of Brian's death.

What a blessing my sons are.



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Your sons are indeed blessings. Good for your son in his response -- sounds like my kind of guy. Actually, in my grief support group, we frequently laugh -- i think it is because we understand each other, just as your son understands you and the situation. It is good to laugh, even in pain. Blessings for 2007. Don

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Here I sit, realizing that I will be spending my New Year's with no Mike to kiss and I'm sure you are entertaining similar thoughts, as well. Thank you so much for sharing this funny statement with us. It really did make me laugh. Well, laugh and cry at the same time, but wow could you send that guy my way? Feels good to smile and laugh..Here's To many smiles ahead in the new year...



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Sooo funny... how whitty he must be. It certainly made me smile. :D I need that today as Joel is in his funk today from his 3rd chemo.

Thanks for posting that Pat. Your sons are special!!

I pray for nothing but good health for your son.

Let us know how his surprise party went.

Take care my friend,

Maryanne :wink:

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