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Getting to Know You - January 25


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I think I could handle 3 days alone without leaving the house. I can't even imagine how many things I would get caught up on. Wow...electricity would hopefully mean that my 'puter was up and running!

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I always say that I would love to do that but when the opportunity comes... I can't, I'm too restless. Instead of just resting, I feel driven to do something..

Had the whole weekend to stay in the hotel- instead went to the office and the mall on Saturday, and although I stayed in yesterday, just about went nuts. Ended up on the treadmill in the hotel gym (yes, I was bored enough to yes, EXERCISE). Apparently the only other guest in this huge hotel was bored also, he came out of the sauna soaking with sweat and wearing nothing but a viking hat with a huge orange cross on the front of it, huge horns sticking out the sides. :shock::shock:

Needless to say, I slept with the couch pushed up against the door last night..

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