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Say something nice about someone..... (like a game)


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Quick, choose a poster.... new or old, and say something nice about them.

Don't write a book, don't be maudlin and too mooshy..

I'll go first....

Kasey is a really caring person.

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Gosh, there are ~ oh ~ so many who come to mind. Was going to mention Don Wood, but no surprise, Sue beat me to the punch there. Since they can be past posters.......gotta mention Frank for always being able to bring a smile to us all. Finally, Maryanne who always is so optimistic and kind and caring. She always leaves me feeling upbeat.


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For being such a great partner in crime and fellow Chicken Cult member, Debi from Oklahio...

For having the courage to stand up for her beliefs on the other side of the fence, whatever that fence may be, Laura Ann.

The "rock", Don Wood. Always going forward, one step at a time...

Good sense would be Ginny, and DeanCarl...and Fay A.

Need a laugh? Could always depend on FRANK, Bobmc, DavidA...Mr RY used to get in on the fun, but he's been quiet lately. Good thing Ann keeps stirring the Just for Laughs forum and turning the compost so the best smellin' stuff is up! :shock:

Tina (TNMynatt), Peggy (stand4hope), Norme....all those precious ladies that share and sadly welcome others to their new circle....

...and I have so many others, but my brain just took a vacation so I'll have to take a break until the thoughts start moving again...

Of course, Rick and Katie who started it all...

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Oh, Ann, this is REALLY a good one. I don't think Rick and Katie have enough disk space for me to say something nice about everyone I would like to say something nice about - there are so many.

But, I will specifically say something nice about YOU, Ann! I thank God for you, Ann. Even after four years without your lover, soulmate, best friend and long-time husband, I am in awe of you that you remain here and not only give your loving support, but you must spend HOURS searching for topics, jokes and fun things for the Just For Fun forum. Several years ago, I ran a quote of the day (Christian quotes) email list and I spent hours finding just the right quotes to share. I know it takes you a lot of time, and laughter and getting to know each other is the best medicine there is!

Second, I have to say that I don't know what I would have done without the love and friendship of Snowflake the past three years. Becky and I are about as different as night and day, yet we can talk about ANYTHING, agree on many things, and disagree on many things, and remain the best of friends. Some day, I am coming to Michigan for one purpose - just to hug Becky!

Love to all,


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I just have to say I have LOVED this posting. We all need to hear these things, and I find myself coming here to read such wonderful words about such amazing people! I have agreed with EVERY word I have read here, and it feels so, so good to just be so positive about things. Thank you Ann for posting this!

A special smile goes to TwoDogs, DaggiesMom, Don, and Geri, for giving us hope. SCLC is a booger...no doubts. I thank you for your courage, information, and spirit that gets us where we need to be with this pain in the tootie!



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Gosh. This is a hard one. There are so many people now as well as the past. So many have been an inspiration to me. I am scared that if I start calling names that I will leave someone out. I will say thyat what makes this board special is that there are so many caring people here that are willing to help others when they need it.

What if instead of calling names I simply say EVERYBODY!

Thanks for being here to support one another.

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Wow, Great topic....where do I start (and I know I will forget many);

Peggy (standforhope)for her courage and faithfulness, John & Ry for their compassion, Lisa O (she is a true dear friend) to whom I am indebted, Snowflake, David A (my friend), Ernie (for his great attitude an example of hope), Don Wood (an amazing family man-- a good man-- I look up to Don ), Hebbie for her determined spirit, friendship and discipline, Fay A (what a fighter and advocate), CindyRN (truly amazing), Dean Carl....and so may more who have displayed courage and love.

God's love to all......

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I don't know where to start, so many have supported and cared about me for 3 years now so I'll name no names.

I'll give you all accolades for all you do everyday for all of us and to Katie and Rick~~~thanks for making it possible for us all to know one another.

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