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My first First


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Today is my birthday. My DH and kids have been fun. Birthdays were SUCH a huge deal to Mom--bigger than Christmas, actually. Birthdays were very special days. She would make dinner at her house, and whatever cake you wanted,(even this year, for my brothers)and just shower you with attention and love--because it was YOUR day.

Now I will spend part of the day at Mom's house, trying to close it up. My aunt is coming down this weekend to help, and I haven't done anything over there yet.

Mom's birthday is in 10 days. It's marked on every calendar I have. This is just so hard. I know I will be 'fine, considering' (the words DH uses to describe me to people who ask).

I just miss her.


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Happy 3 8) th b-day, Kelly. If I am correct, I celebrating with you eating Gramma's lemon cake /lomon icing!

A tough day, I'm sure. Just don't know what to say to make it pass an easier for you, sorry. But I'm thinking of you :wink: !


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Ginny you took the words out of my mouth, have a birthday party for Mom.

I hope you have as good a day as you can, just think about all those birthdays that your Mom made special over the years........kind of a retrospective if you like... and bask in her past glories.

Happy birthday


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Oh {{{{Kelly}}}} Happy Birthday to you!! I'm so sorry that it's your first first. I'm there walking with you, singing the birthday song with the party hat on and hoping like nothing else that this day passes gently and with smiles and laughter for you!!

lots of love..

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Happy Birthday, Kelly.

I know this is a very difficult day for you.

(My birthday was the first, first too.)

I hope you find yourself smiling at least a few times today and even more I hope you can feel your Moms presence with you on your special day.

Warm Hugs,


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I feel for you so much. My dad passed in April and I am already having anxiety about Father's Day. I do hope that things will get better for you. Maybe you can still keep up some of the same traditions with the rest of the family- it may make you feel closer to her some how.

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