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One more day


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Well only one more shot to the brain and then it's wait and see if it all worked. I can't drive right now, I forget what I'm supposed to do if I don't do it right away. And the Rad Onc jinxed me last week by saying that my hair was going to fall out and sure enough last weekend it did. Ended up getting it all cut off so I guess I'll stay this way for a while. Other than all that I feel good but a little lost most of the time. My brain doesn't seem to be working as fast as it used to. May just be me though.


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Prayers that the WBR does the trick!!

If the radiation is what's causing you to forget to do something if you don't do it right away...I think I got too close to Mom's or something! :shock::shock: I've been doing that a lot myself, lately. 8)

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