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I'm just feeling sad and need a shoulder

Connie B

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Hi Friends,

I didn't know who to talk to this about and for some reason this seemed like the best place.

I'm feeling sad today, because I have learned in the last week that 2 of my dear and wonderful friends and both of them attend my in-person lung cancer group have both learned that there cancer has returned. :twisted::twisted: I hate this freaken disease! :twisted:

I'm not trying to think the worst or sound doom and gloom, because I know these to people (MaryJo and Len) will fight this beast tooth and nail and will come through it standing on both feet and will be cancer free again.

I guess I just needed to let it out because it was bothing me, and this isn't anything that just anyone can understand, not like those of us living it.

Thanks for letting me vent. And could you please say a little prayer for Len and MaryJo when your putting in for extra prayers? Thank you!

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Dear friend, Connie,

Len and MaryJo will be entered onto the prayer list in our household. And, of course, they both will fight this da$% disease and beat it down once again, but the ongoing battle sometimes just gets the best of us all :? .

You go back to your support group with your optimistic face on AND the support of us to help your friends during this. I just love ya, Connie. Please keep doing what you've been doing for ALL of us dealing with this crappy dx.



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Prayers Go up and Blessings Come down. Saying special prayers for Len and MaryJo and ConnieB. Connie hope the sun is just a little brighter tomorrow than it was today for all of you. Prayers and Hugs from NC

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I am so sorry to hear about your friends. I'm new here, but reading your profile and some of your posts, you are an inspiration! A 12 year survivor, wow! I remember how touched I was when a friend first called me an inspiration.

Len and MaryJo, and you too will be in my prayers.


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Hugs, prayers, crossed fingers and toes are ready for dear Mary Jo and Len.

Connie I am glad you shared with the group. I was thinking about another of our lc friends Gary the other day too.

Geez this disease STINKS. I get strength from hearing other survivors stories to get through the bad days.

How about that Lunch next week Connie?


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