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The Ultimate in Paranoia! I really did this!


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Now remember--lung cancer 6 years ago, breast cancer 10 years ago, and first one now 14 years ago.

You would think I was over this, but . . .

Woke up sunday with a red rash on only real boob I have left. Didn't give it much thought at the time. When it was still there Sunday night, I started thinking more about it. Monday morning I noticed an itch, and thought about bug bites and cellulitis.

Monday afternoon it hit me--Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Of course I researched on the Net--red rash and itching was a sympton.

who to call? Internist or breast surgeon. I have been with the breast surgeon since before the first cancer--so I called the office. Doctor not available, should call on Tuesday. Before I called the internist went upstairs to show hubby.

I told him it looked like sunburn, but where would I have gotten sunburn? His look said it all :roll::roll: maybe you got sunburned on Saturday when we were out for the day and I had a new top on that kept sliding over my boob?

:shock: That was it! A simple case of sunburn, because as I sit her now it is going away. Called the surgeon's office back to tell her.

:wink: Told her when she retells this story in the office to speak well of me :wink:

Reminded hubby that my attention to my body has allowed me to be a cancer survivor!

And allowed myself a chuckle too


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Are you my sister, Gail???? Now I don't have the bc issues, BUT our mindset as to everything must be cancer is surely the same. Glad it went away and you didn't have to go through any office visits. And I am CERTAIN you will be talked about kindly........yea......RIGHT :wink:!!! You KNOW we understand here what you're saying!!!


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I'm sure this was very stressful for you for a time, but, this is funny. I thought I was the only one who did things like that. For me it was skin cancer (never had it before) on my forehead. Red, itchy. Dr. decided it was cellulitis or shingles. Onc's NP said cellulitis. Antibiotics fixed it.


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I would have done the very same thing, Gail. I guess it's a side effect of what we've survived.

I also wonder if my friends and health care providers speak well of me when they tell these stories! :oops:

Anyway, I'm glad that's all it is.....


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I thought of this in the middle of the night--did you google Inflamatory Breast Cancer? I once did b/c I had a rash and I got to see pictures :):) I remember my husband walking in and asking why I was looking at boobs on the internet!!!

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Maurice underwent surgery for colon cancer 14 years ago. At one point during his recuperation he felt well enough to putter around outside for a little while. He came in to use the bathroom & called me in, all in a panic. There were bright red blood drops on the rim of the toilet. We both flew into a panic. Called our primary, who insisted we come immediately and left a message for the surgeon. While getting ready to go see the primary I noticed fresh blood on his clean shirt. Upon inspection we found he had a small cut on one of his fingers that was still bleeding. He had cut himself outside and the blood had dripped onto the toilet. Talk about feeling silly.......... :oops::oops::oops:

It's hard not to associate things with cancer, any cancer as that is always the first impulse, but as we all know, we get colds, cut ourselves, sprain muscles and yes, get sunburn just like 'normal people' :lol::lol::lol:


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