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I shoul be so happy


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Today I am turning 53, I have all my family with me!!!!! allfriends make me a sourprise brekfast & they are all caming tonigt. But I am depress, scarred & insted of thinkig how lucky I am so stupid tha I want to kick myself. Especially that I am stable.

Sorry & thanks again for listen. I don't know why I can not get the Mr death out of my mind.

It will be 5 years next month too.

hugs bucky

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So glad that your still here to celebrate it with all of us and with your family. HOOORAAAAY!!!!

Bucky, I hope just for today you could please TRY and put cancer out of your mind. Maybe even for a couple of hours.

Are you taking any meds for your depression? Are you able to meet with a counselor or therapist someone you can talk all these feelings of overwhelming death thoughts that you are having with? I remember feeling like that the first two years of my journey, but one day I said to myself,

"Holy Crap Connie, your going to LIVE and you better wake up and get off your poor me dying pitty party and learn how to LIVE AGAIN!" And low and behold, I did! THANK GOD! Sure, I have my moment's and my days, but I don't let them be anymore then that. I was ALL DONE letting the cancer RUN MY LIFE!


None of us knows how long we have or what will be the cause of our death, but we HAVE to enjoy the life we have today. Today is all any of us has!!

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HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY BBBIIRRRTTTHHHDDDAAAYYYYY BUCKY!!! And many more. That nasty old mr death ain't gonna bother ya for many more years to come.. Enjoy the birthday and just have fun with all your friends and family tonite!!! :):lol::D:mrgreen:

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:D:D Thank you guys!!!! Is so nice to have frieds like all of you. I hope we all can meet one day. I had ageat birthday & even drink a little bit more.

My house if full of family & friends from Argentina. It looks like a compground. Thanks a Million

A big hug bucky

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Happy Birthday a day late. I look at each day as a gift and I want to enjoy it. I didn’t sit and worry about having a heart attack before I had cancer so there is no sense in worrying about cancer or anything else. It’s just not productive so I ask you to join me in celebrating each day. We should be doing this cancer or no cancer.


“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

Stay positive, :)


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