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Hey Rich, good to see your name here.

I'm hanging in, just about back to normal re the surgery and chemo last week went well. Real short dose, only about an hour to infuse all 3 so a big change from my lc full days for 3 days.

I'm fighting nausea again so am trying to graze instead of eat meals( a real hardship but someone has to do it :lol: ) Our move is over - sigh - but we're not living here full time yet so I'm still commuting weekends, I'm here in MA for 2 weeks.......better be careful or I'll think I actually live here......as Richard is going to be away for part of the time and I don't have tx until the 29th.

Last time I was here I thought I'd lost my mind, I'm watching the 11 o'clock news and the Boston weather came on - Why on earth would I be seeing Boston stuff? Oh yeah I remember there's different cable channels in the hotel....then I realized where I was :shock: , do you think it's time to stop this nonsense???

Everything is really at the "slowly getting it together stage", I have just realized the time and I have to go get my car inspected (3 months after the VT one was done)....moving is a blast and I've not even tried to get a dr yet :roll:

I'll be able to come here for the next couple of weeks so I'll catch up later.


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Hi Geri,

Good to see your smiling face and that you are doing fine. But what a rollercoasted ride you are one. I bet you can't wait for it to stop and get off and get your life back to your usually routine.

Love your humor as always. You are an amazing women, with everything going on you never complain. I would be a basket case.

Take care my friend... miss you.

Maryannr :wink:

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Geri....So glad you checked in today!!! You know how we are...like a bunch of mother hens with a chick missing...lol! Can you say peep-peep??? I'm really glad to hear that things are going smoothly. We've really missed you!!! Cluck-cluck!!!

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