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Last July I was diagnosed with sclc. Went through the chemo; did the radiation, to include PCI. Scans looked good. Then a few weeks ago I started coughing a lot which led to a ct scan....there were some irregularities. Had a pet scan last week that showed 3 lesions. The radiologist and pulmonologist are confident its cancer, but my onc wants me to have a biopsy. This will probably happen later this week or monday.

I just found this website today and have read some uplifting stories, and damn do I need some of those now. I am also hoping to find ideas on different treatments so I can be as informed as possible as to the the different options when I next speak with my onc. I will post over in the sclc forum for that though.


Jon Woodard

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Welcome Jon-

I am glad you found us. There is a sticky post in the Small Cell forum that has a title about surviving small cell lung cancer. There is a lot of good information there to help you. Let us know how the appointments go.


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Welcome Jon...

I know how scary this is for you with the abnorm's on scan's...been there as we all have...matter of fact I am waiting as we speak for my Pet results that I had done on Wednesday....the waiting is a bummer...Praying for good news...hope your biopsy proves the doc's wrong...you just never know with this monster desease

Best of luck to you and let us know how it goes...


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Hi Jon and welcome here.

As you see you have received many post from our caring family here. We have all walked in your shoes and know how scared you are. Especially since you have been down this road already.

There are many, many treatments out there and they will find one that will work for you.

We are here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and we will support you through this.

Please keep us posted on the results of your biospy.

Hang strong! You will get through this also.


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