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Ct Scan In August Showed Two New Nodules In My Lungs (But Small) And Suspicious (Enlarged) Lymph Node In My Left Groin Area. At first My Oncologist Wanted To Do A Biopsy. Went For A Pet Scan To Double Check In September. Showed Several (Still Small) Nodules In Lungs But No Activity And Lymph Did Not Show Any Activity. Radiologist As Well All My Doctors (Went Back Over All My Ct/Pet Scans) Do Not Think Biopsy Needed At This Time After All Because Of All My Health Issues. Saw Neurologist About My Neuropathy, Myopathy, And Pinched Nerves/Arthritis Going Up My Spine And Neck. He Increased One Of My Medications And It Really Makes A Difference As Far As Numbness, Tingling And Discomfort In Arms/Hands And Legs/Feet. Also Saw Physical Therapy For Some Exercises For The Weak Muscles— Will Not Improve Them But Prevent Further Weakness. Think That's About It For Now. :lol: So Game Plan Is To Sit Tight And Re-Scan In 6 Months. All In All Going To Put This In The Good/Win/Positive Column. I’ll Take It. :D Could Always Be Worse. I’m Still Alive, Still Here And Still Able To Have A Life. My Spirits Are Good And My Attitude Is Even Better!

Take Care Everyone And Have A Nice Day,


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Chalk up one more in the + column for ya, Rich :D ! Sounds pretty good to me. You have kept on keeping on and have kept on getting ahead............good for you! I sure hope the next 6 months go easy for you and that those scans produce great results. Thanks for always offering your upbeat take on things.


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