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Results of my scans show that all but one of the spots that we were concerned with have resolved. The other one has grown from 1.9cm to 3.6cm and the SUV has gone from 5.3 to 12.2. The onc said that this could possibly be from the Avastin working from inside the tumor, causing the increase in size and elevated SUV. He wants to hit it with radiation just in case that is not the Avastin. So Friday I go to the Radiation Oncologist. I still feel great will have to see how the radiation does. It may slow me down a little. I will do all I can to keep from getting fatigued.

Stay positive, :)


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I am glad you had good results Ernie.

So, I take it you have just the one tumor now? Are you going to continue with the avastin? Was there any sign that your tumor is cavitating (dying from the inside out)? Dr. West told me that there can be a risk of a cavitating tumor bleeding if it is dying from the inside out with use of avastin. When I had my ck treatment, I was told that avastin would not be good to use because of the risk of my tumor bleeding. Did your oncologist talk about bleeding risk if you have radiation? Maybe you should run your plan by Dr. West.

Anyway, if it were me, and it was decided that avastin would not be a problem if it is discontinued, I would ask for a targeted radiation to kill off the residual disease. Cyberknife can do that most efficiently. The various forms of IMRT could do it too. IMRT is cheaper and easily covered by insurance.

Don M

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