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Another "wow"


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As I've decided to do my best to embrace Christmas, I went out and bought a proper Christmas tree. A proper "Charlie Brown," 3-foot, cheap, fake tree. It's actually quite cute and if my great niece tears it down, no worries.

I wasn't even going to get into our "real" ornaments, but decided to look for some specific ones. My mom is up for a visit and we were going through them together. They weren't in the first box, so I climbed up the ladder again and brought down the second. The ornaments are just wrapped individually in paper towel.

I then unwrapped a picture of Bill and I (no frame, just a loose 4x6 picture). I thought, "well, that's odd, why is this picture in here?" I turned it over. There was a note from Bill to me. I was still thinking it was from last year and that I hadn't remembered receiving it, and that was bugging me. Then I read it -- again and again, until I "got it." He had written it to me and snuck it in the box for me to find this year. It said:

"For My Most Favourite Person in the World, Betcha thought you'd gotten rid of me? Fooled yuh! Still here :- ) I'll always love you and I'll always be around! Me, xxxxx, Saturday, January 20th 2007"

I just stared at it. I'm just trying to imagine him doing it. Imagine how he must have been feeling, and knowing that his hope was that we'd discover it together and he'd wink at me with that sexy, cute grin of his. But he thought it through. He wrapped up the picture and carefully placed it among ornaments that he knew I'd find, but not until Christmas time. And that it was nearly a year ago.

I'm just blown away...

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I am so touched by this...What a gift you received. And Bill, knowing you so well, knew you would need that bit of inspiration from him to move forward with the holidays. The gesture itself was so thoughtful and caring and speaks volumes of the love he had for you (and I believe he still HAS for you), the COURAGE it took for him to do that is even more incredible. You were married to a most amazing man.

Love, Sharon

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I just keep re reading the note you found, Teri.

It is remarkable.

Only such a talented writed could have worded that message to be appropriate in any eventuality.

He could very easily have found it with you this year and yet, he knew if he was not physically with you this Christmas the note would be perfect anyway.

It is flawless.

and I love that it reiterates that he always had hope and determination.

You are well loved, Teri.

I am so touched by this story.

It warms me.


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Thanks everyone for sharing in this most special moment. I'm still feeling a bit stunned.

I just had my wonderful next door neighbors over to show them. I couldn't tell them on the phone, I just had to show them what I found. They, of course, were almost as blown away as I was.

Now I'm going to go watch "our" Christmas movies. Couldn't think of a more fitting time to do that, having just received my Christmas gift.

Much love,

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I can't believe that, I really can't. What a brave, thoughtful, loving guy. That's like something you see in a movie and think never happens in the real world.

My heart breaks for you..you were so blessed to have him for a husband. Everytime you write about him I wish I could have known him.

Hang in there...

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