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my turn for a pass


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I have an infectious disease

since May, hospital can't find

what it is and up to now all

the medication tried resulted

in extremely bad allergies.

After thirteen short/long hospitalization

hundred of tests no answet yet,

the doctors decided to dig till they

find what is wrong so will be in the

hospital for an unnowed period.

Will try once in a while to give


Love to all



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I kinda know what you are going thru WEnt thru similar situation YEARS ago in NAvy. Prayers and Positive thoughts and energy for an easy adn quick fix. Sometimes the hospital is best place to be You know!!!

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Wow Jackie with all that has been going on with you, you actually found time to post here.

You are so brave... I pray they find what the heck is going on!!

Everything crossed here that they find an answer.


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Thank you for the wishes and


They did the work more than the

doctoring or should I say the looking

at that I got in the hospital.

For the six days I was in the hospital

no treatment done, just x -rays, blood

and urine tests done, results allergies

to most medication (I knew that already) so

still walking around with a virus that they

can't treat or won't treat and doctors

refuse to name it.....will see an otorhinolaryngologist

around February for tests on a nodule in my

throat that went from +3 centimeters to less

than one in four days.......may be gone by February


The x-rays of the soft tissues of the throat

showed the swelling but no real sickness

that they could name.

Only two lumps left on my head from the

hundred they found and my tongue from

swollen, black and rigid is back to normal in

size feeling and pink again, so able to eat


Did a lot of reading, thinking, praying

and wondering about the future at least at

my age I don't have to worry about years

of sickness, will go by day at the present

and just hope for the best.

Thank you again.


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Bless your heart, just the brief description of some of your symptoms brought tears to my eyes. To think that you have been going through all of that and still finding time to come here and give the best of yourself to all of us just tells me how very special you are. I'm glad to hear that some symptoms are improving , but I'm distressed to hear that you are allergic to so many medications and sorry that after all that time in the hospital you still don't have answers. Just know you have my prayers and it's good to see you back.



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