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Any news on Aaron?


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Have sent Julia a PM and hoping she picks it up and lets us know has been about 2 days. May want to send another one from someone else and she will realize more than one of us is thinking about them. IF I hear anything will let all know ASAP!!!!

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hi everyone,

thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. the hospital was nuts. they had me on a bucketload of methadone which made me hallucinate and embarass myself. now i have these tremors which makes it difficult to type. i spend my waking hours on the sofa and rely on other people to prepare my food and medication. i am on 150ml of liquid methadone every 8 hours. i dunno if that's adding to the problem (fatigue, tremors, weakness), or if it helps. they are radiating my hip and neck area. my throat now is extra sensitive and it hurts to swallow.

i'm scared. i'm afraid i'll never feel normal again. is this my new reality? it is so difficult, just to change my clothes. i feel like i'm deteriorating.

hope you are all well.


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Oh Aaron, if prayers and good wishes could cure cancer......well........you would be dancing on the rooftops in NYC for sure. But since that's not the way of the world, I will continue fervent prayers that you will feel better ~ even if it is only little by little with baby steps one at a time. You and Julia have won the hearts of everyone here, and if there were only some way any of us could help ~ it would happen in a heartbeat.

You both will remain close to my heart and in my prayers. It is difficult to remain strong with how you are feeling right now, so one of my many prayers will be to ease your mind of worry so you can concentrate on feeling stronger.

Thanks for checking in. It sounds like you made a herculean effort to do so, and this poster is most appreciative.


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