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If you have a spare prayer for my son.. (not cancer related)


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I was hesitant to post this, but so many of you have been such a support and inspiration and friend through the major highs and lows of my life. (The "old timers" have seen me through my wedding, my mom's many medical malodies, my fertility woes, my medical scares, miscarriages, my dad's lung cancer, and then my surrogate journey.)

Once again I am calling upon you for good thoughts, even thought I feel guilty asking for prayers b/c I have been so blessed.

At his 6 month visit the pediatrician expressed concern that Jacob fell off the growth charts :( He was small since birth, but consistently was 5% for height and 15% weight. At the last visit he fell off the chart for height and was below 1%, yet maintained the 15% weight. If he does not get back on the chart by February we have to see an endocronologist. I decided to do my own research and of course got worked up tonight.

Elizabeth on the other hand is a lazy chunk like her mommy. She is 85% weight, 40% height, and prefers to be held and refuses to scoot around. Jacob, maybe b/c he is a lightweight, scoots all over the floor.

Thanks everyone!

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Andrea ... I am "new timer" (although a lurker for quite some time) but I just want to offer my prayers that everything will be just fine with your Jacob. I will pray that he gets back on the charts and doesn't require a visit to an endocronologist.

As a mom myself I totally understand the fear when something unusual presents with our children. My son had issues when he was young and they tested him many things, including cerebral palsy - that was terrifying, but in the end everything turned out just fine. I hope and pray the very same for you and yours.



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''Old timer'' here,

I know nothing about charts

for babies, but Jacob with

your description of scooting

all over the place sounds like

a healthy boy.

Prayers for Jacob to keep scooting

all over and onto the growth chart.

Never feel shy or guilty asking for

prayers, you know they work and we are

here to say them.

A visit to the endocrinologist could

clear the siuation fast.

So prayers for Jacob going your way.



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Andrea- I am hoping all is well. Just remember if there is a problem they've caught it very early and it can be dealt with. He's obviously healthy-- so don't worry (yeah right LOL) till you know what the heck there is to worry about.

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I have a soft spot for "Jacob's", since I have one myself. :wink:

My cousin's little grandson was going thru this. He managed to stay on the height chart "barely", but his weight was way under. They did all sorts of tests, and he was fine. His official diagnosis, was that he was "Built like a String Bean"! :D

He's over a year old now, and has caught up so much, that he's off the charts on the height~ but still a little thin!

Saying prayers for little Jacob. Sounds as if he's very active, which is an excellent thing for a little boy to be!

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Andrea, I'll join the chorus here: my daughter was actually hospitalized in infancy for tests due to being below the chart metrics. I was pretty traumatized, because I felt as though I was somehow not caring for her properly. There was no real reason identified, and today she is a very busy and healthy college junior, both taller and larger than me. Sounds like Jacob is probably doing well developmentally, and he sure looks great (and beautiful) in his photo. I know these things are hard, but try to keep the faith and know that so many of these issues turn out to be false alarms. Mary

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I know that it would be silly to tell you not to worry, but with all of us praying for you guys, I know everything will be OK. Listen as much to the people who tell you that everything can be all right as you listen to the scary stories you can also drum up. Nah....listen to the positive stories here more. These are people you know who love you.

Lots of prayers for good test results and peace of mind!


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Prayers coming for Jacob and the rest of your family. My son Nick was always very small - stopped gaining weight at around 8 and never gained a pound for 2 1/2 years. They tested him for Muscular Dystrophy and celiacs disease and everything was fine. Now all of a sudden, he is 15 and taller than me. He grew when he decided to grow!! It's a wonderful sign that he is scooting around!!!

Hang in there and please keep us posted!!

Hugs - Patti B

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