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Another sad year passes us by!


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Some may remember that last year I did this list! I felt compelled to do the memorial list again this year. I know that this is not all inclusive. THis list is based solely on the Names of Our fallen ones from the Obituary forum only. Does not include the grieving forum THe list starts in Jan 2007 where the previous one ended.

Jsaalbertousa's Father

Edith St. Almont nee Bora Debskys Mother

Melissa Zagon Co-founder of Lungevity

Darrell Barnes Our friend

Benny Parsons Racing Legend

Kimmek's Mother

Justme2007's Mother Paula Virlee

John Arthur Philosohy Professor @Binghamton Unniversity

LdayBug's Father James Bair

KatieB's Mother

Rep Charles Norwood Georgia Republican

BeckieG Our friend

Minnie Jewell Campbell Spotts Rogfam's Grandmother

David Grant of Lung Cancer Alliance

The Duke Of Barefoot Bays posted By Ann

Frank Lamb Our friend

Cathy Seipp Columnist activist

Jeannine Clate Schirripa Owner of Wise guys Comedy Club

Gerald Patrick Mallard Hockey MA's Husband

Diane Rothschild of Lung Cancer Alliance

GeraldT JenniferGr2's Father

Beverly M Carlisle- Kelly's Mom( Kamataca)

Dana Brookes Mother of Joan Wallach (Joannie55)

Sue Seymour Mother of MissyK

Myagle2's husband Daniel K. Yagle

Barbara Leona Smith Mother of PraireCrow

Richard A. Starkey-Bauner95's sister-in-laws Dad

Hank Medress-Singer

Beverly Sills-Singer

Karen Medde Survived by Anne Tanner(Tanner)

Rene Welhouse- NAturalistic Self healing Doctor and advocate

DaddyslittleGirl's father

Tammy Faye Messner- Celebrity

SmokefreeJd's Father Adrian J Del Veccio

Albert Kovach ErinC1973's Uncle

William Joseph Warreing (BillW) Terri's Husband (TerriW)

Patricia Ann Lombard Mother of Patscan

Kay Barrymore of Lungevity

Ronald Stanley Ott, Sherri's Father

Kenneth "Ronnie"Copeland North CArolina activist

The Honorable Justice McAnulty of Kentucky Supremem Court

Aids Pioneer researcher Edward M. Brandt

Gary Brewer 11 Time PGA Champion

Randa Wilson Mother of Paula (randasdaughter)

Ronald Palazzolo Friend Of James (bfdboston)

Lee Acosta, father of Eppie

Susan Hall Cousin of Tee taa's

Janice Fay Tudor, Mother of mizzou racer

David Walter Merritt Marta's Husband ( LadySalt)

Susan De Witt- Advocate

Eugene Saaenger -Radiation Pioneer

Douglas Eli Harrington, Father of Overtherainbow

Joseph A- Soulmate to Nancy (Nyka69)

Ronald Thomas Smith, Father of Karen Laurenti

Mrs Beverly Jean Hopkins, Sister of Bobbie

Anthony "Teflon Tony" Malone Husband to Deborah (Welthy) Malone

Jayne Molyneaux, Mother Of John and Mother in Law of Ry

Trudy B Chiantelle, Wife of David Chiantelle

Porter Wagoner- Singer

John Molyneaux, Husband of Ry Son of Jayne Molyneaux

Melvin Pollner, Leslie's Father and note UCLA Sociologist

Utah State Senator Ed Mayne

Evelyn Oslowsky, Mother of RaeAnn(tiredMom959)

Marc, AceKings Friend

Patricia Ann Phillips Holland, Mother of BlueEyes

Walter A Commesana, Father of Futbol11

PipFitz's Husband

felicitys Husband Mark

DaddyFan's Father

Ronald L Dufford Husband of Rebecca (Beckyd959)

Harold Knipp, Amy's father

Officer Cyrus Middleton (Cyrusrm1) Our friend

Judy Fllaherty(KJude) Thank you to Patti B

AndyT's Father

YellowBooks Husband John

If I missed anyones name PLEASE add them to the Thread in your Post. I do apologize. this list was written based on the Obit forum and nit the grieving forum. I Apologize in advance.

These are the people we remember and Fihgt for today. Their legacy and memory and Families also.

Peace love hugs and Prayers tonite and always!1

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If you really feel the urge I bumped last years List. It is titled This is who we fight for in the grieving forum.

Just got my Blues on right now thats all! I am ok though...... :(

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Randy, thanks again for bumping last year's list over. For those who think their loved ones were "left out" remember that that was a list of those lost in 2006. In the year since then, many more have passed in 2007. Not a day passes that I don't think about and miss my wonderful Jim, and his sister Marsha, who both passed of NSCLC within two months of each other. I continue to pray for new treatments and eventually a miraculous cure. In a way it's hard to read the success stories because I think that "if only" they could have hung on just a bit longer there might have been another alternative that could have given them more time. I continue to share love and laughter with our kids, grandchildren, and their family and old friends, and I know how much they are remembered and missed. I have the deepest faith that Jim is beside me every day as my own guardian angel! Sandy F.

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I was overwhelmed at this list, Randy. Since you mentioned you searched in the Obituary Forum, I thought I'd take a 'QUICK' look in the 'Grieving Forum. I understand how long it took you to compile your list, for now I am left just absolutely breathless.

I apologize if I have inadvertanly double posted or even missed someone, but the list was too overwhelming to check accurately. Talk about SAD............

Sloanie83 (mother)

beachnut (husband, Jack)

SoniaOwen (dad)

michiganlisa (mother)

vespa68 (mother)

deewilkeu (mother)

angsexton (dad)

laban ~ Laurie (sister in law)

ChristineT (dad)

brsarah (mother, Diane)

StephanieJane (dad)

asmakis (dad)

Mary Mac ~on before as Alliboo (boyfriend)

Amy P (mother)

Mefoster (husband)

Snoopyfn (husband)

onlychid (mother)

barbb (husband, Rod)

donnalee (husband, Jim)

teresa567 (dad)

Kimberliebishop (mother)

Kasey (friend, Eddie)

MindyH (mother)

jackieb410 (mother)

betty boop (sister, Charlote)

yellowbow (husband, John)

Marco Jo (sister, Jeannine)

wiesia (father, Henryk)

Ray A (member since Jan. '03)

speech 570 (mother)

Lorial66 (dad)

smallcell (dad)

nhynikki (dad)

mom2eight (mother in law)

Flowergirlie (husband)

Muffy (mother)

TamHol (cousin)

needhope (dad)

Brandie721 (mother)

janehill (mother)

Madamskis (mother)

Beth R (mother)

MaryD (dad)

Richard Mead

lennonsgirll (mother)


kreed70 (mother)


May we remember ALL our lost 'friends'.

In Memoriam.


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Thanks so much for remembering.

I always think of Jimmy Buffet's quote, in a song about the loss of his grandfather: "And though I cried I was so proud/ To have loved a man so rare..." I'm so blessed to have been my mother's daughter, and so proud to have known so many of our fallen warriors.


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Thank you Randy and Kasey for taking the time to share this with all of us. Although it brings a tear to my eye every year it's always nice to to keep our friends and family members memory alive.

So sad to have lost so many wonderful people. May they rest in peace and there memories live on.

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