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Just a quick "thank you" for sharing your stories and for your anniversary wishes.

I looked at a bunch of cards we had given each other throughout the years -- cards for all occasions. I can't count the number of times we each used the word "forever."

Wishing you all increased peace in your journey through grief. For all of you survivors and loved ones who faithfully support those in this section, I'll say it again -- I don't know how you do it. You're all amazing.

Today Bill and I would have been married 12 years. We were soul mates for more like 17 years. That's not as long as many other people, I realize, but I think I would feel his absence with this excruciating agony if we had been married only 6 months. When you find a soul mate, it's timeless. I always hoped we'd somehow manage a 50th anniversary.

I went out earlier and had a massage. I returned home to a message on my machine. I listened to it. Just static noise. I listened to it again -- it actually sounds like an old rotary phone when you dial, except this was through static. I checked the caller ID listing -- no one has called the phone since last night. I checked the other phone just to make sure -- same info.

Back up about 15 years. I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life -- and something significant happened on one particular day that threw my life into turmoil. Late that night I received a phone call about 3:00 am. It was just a static clicking noise (different from what I have now). I thought it odd, went back to sleep and didn't think about it. That morning I went into the office. I had a message. The time listed was around 3:00 am (same as the other). The message was the identical noise I'd heard the night before at home. There was no caller ID then. Without question, I had decided it was my late Grandpa -- he had died only a year or so prior. I was certain he was telling me things would be ok. I was particularly close with both of my grandparents. But I always told Bill he was like my Grandpa's long lost twin of another age. They had so many of the similar quirks that no one else has -- good and bad. They never met, but Bill always referred to him as "Howard," as if he knew him. Bill was the first person I told when I got the phone message -- he believed me immediately, and always told the story.

Back to today. I know we all have our own beliefs, and of course we all want signs and messages -- me included. But I don't look for them. Sometimes I'm struck by something, but I'm very careful not to blow something into something it's not. I believe that Bill is with God -- 100%. I believe he's got better things to do than lurk around -- I believe he's on to his next purpose, and that he's literally in the presence of Jesus. I also believe God allows our loved ones to connect when we need it most in a manner that we'll recognize. I think that may be what's happened.

I wasn't going to post today, as I'm trying very hard not to distract myself in anyway. I needed to share this and say thanks for the supportive PMs and other notes. Of all those special days on the calendar, nothing even comes close to our anniversary -- I think because it's just ours.

Thanks for listening,

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Wow, I got goosebumps reading your post.

I do believe that Bill sent you a message in such an obvious way that you couldn't shrug it off to only irony. He couldn't have been more blatant...how awesome is that?!!!

I think of you often and enjoy reading your posts of your continued love for your husband.

I hope you find some comfort on your special day...Bill is watching over you and missing you, obviously, as much as you miss him. Some of us only dream of that kind of special love....

Happy Anniversary to you both.


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I've always been fascinated by mediums, psychics and such. I read a book by Alison Dubois (the show Medium is based on her life) about a year ago. She said that messages often come from radios, lights etc. Right after John passed away I could just feel him around me. It was weird but all of a sudden light bulbs started to burn out all over the house. First, the bathroom, then the kitchen, the dining room, the office, the garage, it kept going on. I made three trips to the store for more light bulbs. I was actually replacing some of them twice. I would put in a new one and a day later it was burned out. Finally I just said, "Ok I get it-- could you stop burning out the light bulbs?" It stopped.


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I found your story amazing... truly amazing... I believe in signs and I believe we "instinctly" know when we have witnessed one. We know the difference between coincidence and an actual sign.

I found most amazing the time you listed of the static noise from your grandpa. I have heard that the time between 3:00 am and 3:30am are the most prevelant times for spirits to be able to "connect"... I don't know why that is... it is something I have heard on more than one occassion. So your time of 3:00 am really made my hair stand on end... Bill knew what that previous phone call meant to you all those years ago... and I do believe that he knew if he replicted it, you would have no doubt it was him...

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Hello Terri,

I know that Bill is with you today and always and being given a sign like that really helps to validate that fact. I hope you feel him near today especially and find time to enjoy the memories.

My mom passed 1-14-07 and when I went to visit her grave with my dad a few months ago we got a sign. As we were pulling into the cemetery, my phone rang in my purse which was in the back of my car. I picked up and it was my sister. She asked if she could call "me" back and I said, but you called me. She said that she was with her client and her phone was across the room. So, both of our phones rang at exactly the same time and we both thought the other was calling. I tried to explain it away, but there was no explaining. When I got to the grave, I broke down and said to my mom that she really is still here and able to see me. It was quite an important sign for me because I was feeling quite hopeless. I am waiting and open to more to come.

In the meantime lets be grateful that we are some of the few that have received such obvious signs.

Thinking of you,


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Hi Teri,

I,too, believe in signs. My brother passed away 6 years ago, his name was Daniel. Every time I have a health issue or am very stressed Elton John's song Daniel comes on (I had "Our star in the face of the sky" engraved on his head stone)He's telling me it's going to be okay and it always turns around.I hope that you are taking this as a good sign. Sounds like Bill is sending his love in a way only the two of you would understand.


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Hi Terri,

This is so odd. I had the same issue this morning. I was running late for work, had to bring my daughter to LSU this morning, the dog-gone phone rang just as I was locking my front door. I ran in to answer it and lo and behold...nothing but static. Didn't think nothing of it..got to work..message on answering machine...nothing but static.

Today is Beverly's birthday. Had a rough night and having a hard day..but somehow..you have just made me joyful. I think Bev and Bill are up to some tricks.

Thank you so much for your post.



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