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News worthy of the Good news column

David A

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Hi All my friends, Yesterday I had a rigid bronch and had a stent put in my right bronchus, I am breathing miraculosy better , everyone who knew how i was breathing is amazed at the way I'm breathing now and no whistling when I talk, I'm taking iot a little easy for the next few days as I understand it is not a pretty picture to have the stent dislodge, I'm good at taking it easy.

I had a head ct this last wednesday and the results came back,NO mets to the brain!!!!!! I was a little concerned as I've been having lots of headaches, that eases my mind.

Started chemo today(gemzar) and feeling okay right now, a little tired but then again it was along day .

I thank everyone of you for your prayers, kind words, inspiration aand friendship, This diagnosis is a lot easier to handle this time due to all my great friends here. Love ya all, David A

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I am SO glad that things are looking up and its wonderful that your head CT came back clean!!!!! :lol::lol:8)

Glad the whistling when you speak is gone, it was starting to get a little annoying in chat. :D:wink:

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Great news David ! I also had an MRI of the brain done and it showed an empty head. I was also quite relieved given all the other Mets i had already. I too was having some headaches and it worried me. I am set to start my new regimine of treatment next week. Hopefully the both of us will soon be posting more in the Good News forum more often. Best of wishes on your treatment David.



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David A.,

Breathing easy is such a good thing to be able to do! Now that you are able to move more air you may find that the headaches diminish. And I'm very happy that you have been accepted into the "Empty Head" club with all the others who have either no brain tumors, or have successfully treated brain tumors.

Your news has made my morning, David A! :)

Fay A.

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Hey Dave !!!

YAHOOOO!! ; You made my weekend too; so good to be a SURVIVOR Today!!! :):)

I swear I just feel like cussin!!! :P:lol:

God bless, stay well, been prayin for ya!!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Wow David,

Happy you are now a member of the 'Empty Headed' Club. Good luck with your new treatments.

I just know there is some pointy headed sneaker clad scientist in a lab somewhere that is just about to say Eureka - I have the cure for LC.

We all just have to hang in for a little while.

Prayers to you.


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