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another update from Suki


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hi all. I've been reading but not posting and you all continue to amaze, inspire and move me. I wanted to update you on Suki's health because I know how helpful it was for me to read of others' experience.

first and foremost, she remains NED. at her last scan in December, her onc. noted some "wear and tear" on her lung and referred her to a pulmonologist. the new doc seems great and very thorough. he found her SOB marked - part of the downside of being as tough as Suki is is that she sometimes bullies through things she could get help with - and did a walking test. well, after only 6 minutes of walking on the treadmill her O2 sats went down to 82!!

so he recommended supplemental O2 24/7. we, especially Suki, were all dismayed at first. I think we all felt like we had really "gotten away with it". then, she spent her first day on O2 and felt so much better than she has in so long! so now she's using it - not quite 24/7 but definitely when she exerts (including walking) or goes into a respiratorily (is that a word?) challenging environment, like a construction area (which she doesn frequently for her work).

so I think she's adjusting to the idea. it's still a pretty remarkable outcome for a 7+ year survivor of stage IIIb NSCLC, and we remain proud as ever.

Irish eyes were laughing hysterically on Monday:


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