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My first CT scan since diagnosis!


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Hey guys,

I am so happy that they told me that my tumor is practically but not 100% PERCENT gone. The scan was yesterday morning.

I have only done 3 chemos so that is good- the doctor seems happy and sees nothing else in my chest or lungs.

SO why am I still nervous- because I don't know what comes next? I am grateful but also at the same time it seems that SCLC rarely stays away.

Can someone give me a swift kick in the butt- and tell me to just enjoy the good news?

My best wishes to you all and congratulations on so many good scans today!

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Marianne, that's absolutely terrific! But I understand your concerns, as we all have them, and we deal with them in various ways. Here's my outlook:

As long as we're in this life, we will always have problems to face and uncertainties to consider. That's a given. But we all have moments throughout our lives when the weight of the world is lifted from our shoulders, at least for a while. Remember back in your childhood when you came home with a good report card and the next day started summer vacation? Or when one of your kids had been sick and then one day you saw that old sparkle again? A good scan calls for the same type of celebration. Sure, something may come up in a few months or years, but for the time being, it's clear sailing, so enjoy!



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That is awesome news Marianne. But trust me I hear you about being cautiously optimistic. Going through this is not easy, even digesting good news and believing it is hard. So give it a few good days to sink in and keep on going with those treatments.

Continued best wishes


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I don't think your reaction is uncommon. I don't recall having that reaction when my first post-chemo ct scan came back, but I definitely felt that way after my chemo and radiation were done (I'd been in "fight" mode, and didn't know what to do when there were no fight tools left. :()

I never celebrated the good news ct scans either, come to think of it (maybe I just took them for granted until they quit happening?).

You're right that SCLC never seems to stay away, but then, neither does NSCLC unless it's caught early enough for surgery. The big question for all of us becomes how much time have we bought and for you to have this significant a reduction, it seems to me that you've bought a lot!

So congratulations, girl! Way to go! :D


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Hey Marrianne-

You ROCK, girl!!! Good for you for kicking some cancer butt!!! You just enjoy every day and don't worry about it for now (believe me, when the next scan is coming you will start worrying again). I always like the first 6 weeks to be my celebretory time and then those last few weeks I start to worry again!!

Congratulations and keep up the good work!!

Hugs - Patti B

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Gosh guys,

you sure know how to make people feel better.

All of your posts cheered me up more than the Scan results!

And the one about about---------one foot planted in yesterday----------I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants as it was. :-)

I started looking for work today. I know it means I will lose my medical assistance (when I get a job) and maybe that is what concerned me more than anything.

Thank you , for taking the time to make me smile! **Hugs*** to you all!

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