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Connie B

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Hi Friends,

Just in need of a moment to vent. Feeling a little or laot on the cranky side. Got myself a cold and feel crappy, Monday is CT scan time, and last week we learned that My Aunt has lung cancer. She just had her PET scan today. So, we're in the early stages of what's what. Plus a good friend had to have two tumors removed today from her each of her arms, she is a breast cancer survivor, but they feel these tumors are fatty tumors. Then there's all the other stuff that goes with everyday life of ups and downs that you don't EVEN want to hear about.

I get my CT scan on Monday the 20th and then I see my Pulm Doc on Friday the 24th. Not all that worried about it, OR maybe I am. Who knows?! I have this cough that won't stop and it's been like this for two days. ISH!! BUT, I DO have a cold. My nose is running all the time and it's so sore. WHINE!!!!!

Plus dealing with my Aunt who is in TOTAL DENIAL which I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! But, talk about CRANKY! WOW! I just let her vent and scream and whatever, I know she's scared and I know she's trying hard to be strong. God I hate this freakin disease. How many more in my family are going to get lung cancer? My mom, dad, sister, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and me.................... My mom and my Aunt my Uncle & Grandpa are all from the same family.


So, I've also been cranky. Can't say it's very becoming, but it's not fun for those I love around me. God bless them! Plus there's good things going on, and it's hard for me to get into the good stuff when the bad out-rules the good. Okay, so now I am babbling. Okay enough whining. Guess it's time to have some cheese with this whine!

Just thought I would vent and see if it helps. Thanks for listening.

Hugs to All,


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Connie, my friend.....I hate that you are feeling this way....What are WE going to do when your chips are down....we can't do with out you.....You are such an inspiration to all of us.....I'm hoping and praying that this mood won't last long....I'm so sorry about your Aunt...yes and enough is enough...I HATE this freaking disease and I could say it much plainer than that...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Con...I am not worried about your scan's at all....I know they will be fine....you have been thru so much and alway's come thru...so I know in my heart you are a true 'survivor'....but what does upset me ...is how you are feeling right now....Please feel better ...I will be praying for you...and talk about cranky...I'm cranky all the time and this LC crap started it all....but I am grateful and thankful that I am still here and plan on being here for a long time....THANK YOU JESUS!!!...so being cranky sometime is OK ...we deserve to be cranky anytime we feel like it....

Praying your Aunt will start her treatments and get this beast under control ...or KILL the sucka...

Take care hon and know that I will be thinking of you

lots of love...nonni

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Sorry to hear that you got the "cold" that is going around. My husband brought it home to me from his golfing trip and his friends there had shared it with him. Heard on TV that we will have about 50 varieties of cold viruses in our lifetime.

I know your busy with all that is going on , make sure you get some good rest and plenty of fluids.

Donna G

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I am so sorry things are so UGH right now. So sorry about your Aunt and am sending prayers that things will settle down soon for you all.

Also sending tons of prayers and positive thoughts for your scans. Will be thinking of you...

Many hugs and lotsa love


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Connie, So sorry about your Aunt. I hate it that you have to worry about another family member with cancer when you're facing your own upcoming scan. I'm sure it will be great for a long time survivor like you.

I'm also sorry about your cold, and I'm reminded that once you have our diagnosis it's hard to accept having "just" anything without worrying it's a sign of something worse.

My advice, whatever it is that makes you feel spoiled or pampered , do it. I like chinese food, chocolate and a girly movie. (Dang, I haven't done that in a long time!) If feeling spoiled or pampered means involving someone else, do it and promise you won't be cranky anymore in return. I could work.

Judy in Key West

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Hi Connie. Well in all the time I have known you on this board, the words cranky or whiney would never even come close to mind. But you like everyone else here are entitled to vent and have your cranky days too.

Geesh I can not believe the run of LC in your family. You almost write of "it" like you are used to "it" and dealing with "it" which just says it all. Way way too much for one family. I hope your aunt gets a treatment plan in place soon and that it darn well works.

As for you, please get feeling better soon and ditch that darn cold.

And of course prayers and best wishes on your upcoming scan.

Have an awesome weekend please.


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my dear Connie, i am so sorry that you are cranky & I am so sorry about your aunt. We need to cheer you up!!!!!!!

but once in a while you deserve to be cranky. You are always here for us now is our turn to be here for you.

lot of love & I am here if you need me please call me

xoxoxo bucky

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Well, friend, please allow us all to be cranky right along with you. Crankiness loves company, right? And doesn't it make one feel better to have others share in whatever their mood is?

But on a more serious note......I am sorry your're feeling so down. And I can totally understand why. Cancer has certainly left its mark on your family tree. Who has written this book on fair???? I ask that question all the time.

I will carry the worry over your own scan for you ~ NOT that you are going to worry over it. Sometimes we do it without even knowing. So I'm hoping to hear good news on Friday from you and will hold onto the hope that your aunt will do well with whatever her plan will be.



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I am so sorry about your aunt - I know we had talked and you suspected LC - that really sucks.

As for you, you are absolutely allowed to be cranky once in a while - we all do!!! Sometimes I think when I am cranky for a few days I feel sooooo much better afterwards.

I KNOW you are going to ROCK your scans, girlfriend!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I don't know how I missed this before , but I'm here now with hugs. You an entitled to a bit of crankiness, yes you are. I am so very sorry to learn about your aunt's diagnosis. Enough is enough and it's just plain not fair.

Connie, you are truly one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. You've suffered so many losses and fought your own battles with cancer and other health issues and you still have time to help others.

I will be anxiously waiting for your scan results and I hope you can report something to celebrate. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always.



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