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6 month CT scan tomorrow for my Mom, Ruth (UPDATED!!!)


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So tomorrow is 6 months since Mom's last stable scan.

I'm scared!

BUT she has been feeling SO great, and been so busy that I do have a deep down feeling that it will be good news again.

She's even put back on all the weight she had lost, and is complaining about being fat again...LOL!

PLEASE send prayers for great news!

I'll let you know as soon as we get the results...not sure how long.



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Boy, the waiting times are hard, and definitely scary. Keep your chin up, and your spirits high. Like your mom said "don't borrow trouble".

I will say lots of prayers that her scans match her physical well being; that she continue to walk with NED.

God Bless

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Thank you SO MUCH everyone!!!!

And Carleen, you're right! She does say that, and I always try... but not always successfully :)

I'm the one who does all the worrying (lol), Mom has this magical ability to accept anything that comes her way...she blows my mind, and I love her SO much. Actually, I think her mindset has had a great deal to do with how well she's done so far! I believe that she truly believes she can will it away :)



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Hi Linda,

Prayers for you and your Mom and hope for a good scan!!

Moms are so awesome, aren't they! They ALWAYS have something to teach us. I can totally relate to your role as 'worrier' with Mom having the great attitude. I joked with my Mom that we'd have t-shirts made .... her's would say WARRIOR, mine would say WORRIER (lol).



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Lots of evidence of emphysema, and several things to keep an eye on, but NED for cancer, and she's feeling great!!!!! She JUST KNEW IT!

Thank you ALL so much!

Re-scan in 6 months to check again!

Prayers really ARE answered sometimes!!!!



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Don't know how I missed this thread Linda but congratulations on your Mom's NED. Can't beat that and we're just sucking up good news right now. I'm a big champion of Moms of adult children on this journey since I am one myself. I'm hoping attitude and conviction we will beat it does the trick.

Judy in Key West

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