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my prayers for 2004:

1. The clinical trial will work and bring the liver tumor under control.

2. That my close friend, will find the magic bullet to bring his LC under control.

3. Having just celebrated my thrid Christmas with lung cancer, I pray that I may celebrate the 4th and many more.

4. Increased funding and research for lung cancer.

5. That the 2004 death rate falls below 150,000 for the first time in many years.

6. Women, when they get their mamograms, will also request a Chest CT Scan.

7. That the public come to the realization that no one deserves lung cancer, and gets past the ill gotten stigma.

8. That the number diagnosed with Stage I Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, will outnumber those with Stage IV, thereby, increasing the suvival rate for lung cancer. Early detection is the key.

9. That a date is set for a gathering of all the members of Lung Cancer Survivors for Change and that we all have one HUGE group hug.

10. That all who are going through treatment, at this time, will have success and win the current battle.

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Hey Dave,

VERY WELL PUT!! :D:D ; Just add one more!!!

and we get to play a round of 18 on a warm sunny day!!! :):) ; gotta do what we love to do!!!

God bless and be well

obmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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I second that motion!!!!! How fantastic that would be to meet all the wonderful people from this board!! I've read that you are a golfer, consider this an open invitation to come golf anytime your in the area as a matter of fact this is an open invitation to anyone. I'm from a family full of golfers. My fiance is the superintendent of a local golf course so we look forward to the spring to resume our most beloved hobby. I can't wait to be able to golf with my Mother and Father again it's a Sunday ritual in our family.

Take Care and Many Prayers for a Wonderful New Year,

Heather J. :D

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Hello Friends,

I went to my chemo onc for a 3 mo. check up today. He wants me to come back wed. for a full body CT. We have been watching nodules in my left lung since all of this began, but there appears to be some "changes going on." I do not know what that means. Jack was not with me to help me question the doctor. I do recall asking.."If it is cancer then what?" The doctor responded, "biopsy....wait....watch." I guess he did not want to comment till he knows more. I left there to go back to work, really down in the dumps. I am so afraid to get my hopes up, only to be discouraged. I managed to stay focused on the kids I counsel while at work, but once home....the sadness crept back in. I would be truely dead if I became too sick to work with my kids.

I suppose that the nodules have been there since the begining; however, I was hoping that they were nothing. It could still be just that..."nothing." The doctor said x-rays may pick up "changes in blood vessels." That is why I am turning to you my friends once again tonight for prayers. I will go wed. morning for the CAT, then meet with the onc following. Thanks for listening,


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