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It was a good 4 1/2 year run...

Janet B

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I haven't been posting much, but I wanted to give you all an update. After 4 1/2 years of stable and NED, my latest MRI came back with two new spots on my brain. SO, in the morning I head over to the hospital for Gamma Knife. I am very hopeful that this is just a blip in the road and I will be back for another long run of stable.

When I was diagnosed I prayed to God to let me see my children graduate college. My youngest graduates in 4 weeks. God is good.



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Good Morning Janet,

Sorry to hear of your test results news,I can guess how you are feeling at this moment,my thoughts and prayers are with you that this "Blip" on your pics,was a couple of dirty smudges on the "Film",or is otherwise innocent.Hope you dont have to wait too long for follow up feedback,please keep in touch,and know we are with you each moment.

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Janet, I think about you all the time and plan some day to go up the East Coast from a NJ trip and visit you and the farm where you volunteer. I am convinced your work at the farm has contributed to your longevity as NED.

I am so sorry to hear about this and really do get it. I was devastated when my cancer reappeared after 1 yr in remission. I am encouraged though by the fact that you are eligible for Gamma Knife (like cyber knife?). I do believe that means small and accessible. If it has to be, this sounds like the best possible scenario.

Thanks for the update and please do keep us posted. We never forget our friends here no matter how long they are away.

Judy in KW

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Hi Janet,

I hope you stay hopeful, as research has shown the gamma knife to be extremely effective in NSCLC. Not only will you see your daughter graduate, but I look forward to pictures of Grandchildren!

Blessings and prayers for a successful surgery, and easy recovery.

Judy in MI

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God IS good, Janet. And gamma knife is GREAT. I'm hoping for the very best outcome to put you back to the status where you've been for the past 4+ years. Yes, I do believe it will happen.

Best of luck and keep your chin up. I'll do the heavy lifting of worry for you!


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good morning Janet

Be glad about the gamma knife. gotta be way better than a sharp knife. If anything like cyberknife, you'll be great. worked for me. I once had something they called a "bleb" is that also a"blip"? good luck Alan ,

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First of all, thank you everyone for your kind words and support. Just last night my husband said, "What an amazing resource that site is". You are more than a resource, you are friends who get it and care. I am blessed to have found you.

Now for the update. It was not just a blip. When the doctors did the pre-Gamma Knife MRI, they found 3 more spots. They are all dangerously close to the brain's membrane and it is most probably Leptomeningeal Disease.

Which, honestly, sucks.

Anyway - I am going to post in the General Forum what the plan is and to see if any of you have any input. (haha, honestly took me forever to figure out where to post this - is the General forum really the right spot?, I don't know but I had to pick one and since that one is "general" I figured I couldn't be too wrong!)

Meanwhile, I am going to go outside and enjoy my garden.

Thank you again,

peace - Janet

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