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My crazy husband

Remembering Dave

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OK, Dave - what up with the new crazy photo? Now I KNOW you're getting too bored at home! :oops::twisted:

All my Love,

Karen C.

(p.s. this is Dave wearing a hat that a good friend of ours made for him. She had lost her big brother to lung cancer the year before Dave was diagnosed. It's a fishing hat adorned with flowers (so he can wear it to church) and lots of orange yarn hair, for when he lost his hair).

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Next on Queer Eye, the FAB FIVE set off to VA and surprise this guy (cut to picture of David in his sylin' hat) Carson (the fashion expert): "We're sorry to interrupt, were you on your way to the Easter parade?"

And what WILL Cyan (the hair guy) DO with THAT doo? :shock:

Can they turn this CLOWN into the STUD his wife Karen knows he is???

See Carsons reaction to the other "clothes" that lurk in Davids "wardrobe"...."UUGGGHHHH" :shock: ...Perhaps David has been surpressing his childhood dream of traveling in Ringling Brothers..."I just want to make people happy." David says... Can we find a balance between the clown and the coture 8) that lurk inside of David? Tune in, and find out.

:lol::lol::lol: Deb

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