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2nd opinion?


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I didn't get one because my treatment seemed pretty routine and all the docs were in agreement. I had a prior non-lung cancer, advanced, and a rare type, where  there was not the same clarity. I did get a second opinion on that one.

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I didn’t get a second opinion either although I seriously thought about firing my onc after the first visit.  I called my EAP Health Advocate because I had no idea how to find a second opinion.  

I’m treated at a National Cancer Institute- the only one in the Mid-West at Kansas University. So far my treatment has been first class & I’m getting used to my onc’s style. 

I do have two lung cancer peers that did seek second opinions as their cancer was Stage III and there were more treatment options available.  They waited until all the diagnostics were completed.  In the end both elected to stay with the recommended course of treatment.

I think it depends on how comfortable you are with the medical team.   



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I have pondered this question since recently being diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. However I went to the hospital rated highest on the list near to me originally and I am going to follow through based on the outstanding ratings this place receives. (Hospital of Univ of Penn)  At the moment surgery is the recommended treatment. If I ever need chemotherapy, I will likely consider a 2nd opinion from the 2nd closest place, MSK.


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Yes, you are in charge and if you want to get a second opinion, then that is exactly what you should do.

If the recommendations are the same, it gives you more confidence in the decision. 


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I did not get a second opinion but then it seems like my situation is different than others.

My primary doctor sent me to the Montgomery Cancer Center 2 days after my cancer was found and biopsied. The center recommend surgery first and then chemo and radiation. A week later I was in Birmingham at UAB medical center being prepped for surgery by one of leading Thoracic surgeons in the US. 

3 weeks after that I went in for my radiation treatment which was every day for 33 days with chemo on Friday every week.

I was extremely pleased with my care but I wouldn’t have hesitated on a second opinion for a minute if I wasn’t. We are all dealing with something that we want to get right the first time. 

You have to feel good about your care and caregivers or you are one strike down before you start.

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