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Kind of have good news but kind of embarrased to announce because with all other people are going through---seems like it is not such a big feat---but I am now 39 days without a cigarette!!!!

(I had quit , went back, quit went back, this time I am determined)

best wishes

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On the contrary my friend! That is wonderful news and a fantastic feat! Do not sell yourself short! Many of us here know how hard it is to achieve 1 week with out smoking let alone over 1 month. It should start to get a little easier now, so keep up the good work, as long as you are determined it will not win!

Again, congrates on a really BIG accomplishment



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Thirteen days without a cigarette is quite a feat.......Pretty soon you'll be able to "smell" again...and you'll be smelling pretty good yourself. I want to tell you I know how hard you're trying....it took me FOUR long hard tries before I made it. I'm close to five years out now but I still remember how darned hard it was to break away from cigarettes in the beginning. The patches helped me...but I know they're not for everybody. A strong deep desire to quit will carry you through. Good luck. If you feel weak sometimes....drop me a note at caponey67@yahoo.com I have a few goofy things I did while my fight to quit smoking was still going strong. Since I always smoked in my car.....I just sat on top of my free hand so it wouldn't be looking around to light up a cigarette as usual. That tactic worked for me. I stayed away from lounges/bars and some restaurants until I felt strong enough to resist. It will take time for you to get a feel for your natural weaknesses....but you'll process them and settle on an apprroach that is best for you. Come join us on the other side...I know you can do it.

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This is such great news. I smoked for 38yrs., never once stopping or even trying to quit. On Jan. 10th, 2003, I quit and have not gone back. I can even be around the cigs and smoke and it doesn't bother me. I am now the worst thing a smoker wants to be around (if you know what I mean) I'm not cruel. Just want to help save their life. They don't have a clue what cigs. do to your health and I didn't either. I wish I would have known the real effects of what these da* things would do to me. You are to be admired for quitting and staying off of the things. Hang in there and just keep sayng NO...

God Bless and prayers for you...


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Thank you all for your best wishes ---44 days now (but whose counting?) and still going strong

I really feel a difference in my breathing---had no choice but to quit as I was having trouble breathing and was wheezing at night ---not good

sometimes the cravings gets harder than easier---but I know I have no choice

again thanks for all the good wishes

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