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Call me confused


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Just got back from an appointment with a different oncologist.  I was totally prepared to have a discussion about next steps, treatment options etc etc...

Before we even got that far he showed me the images from my last CT and PET scan and then dropped the bomb.  He does not think it is cancer. He thinks it is scar tissue. Going to get another PET scan (with dotanate) on Friday and probably get the fluid in my chest drained and tested.

So, last week I get a letter that basically said I was a dead man, and today I'm told it's not cancer.

I am currently feeling numb and have no clue who to believe. The good news is I have their attention and they will review my case next week with the tumor board.

Obviously I hope this doc is correct, but I'm not convinced yet.

Sipping whiskey and going to watch football. What else can a guy do?



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Hi Tom: I think that oncologist deserves a hug and maybe more. Lesson learned. It pays to have second and third opinions. Funny you mentioned scar tissue because my oncologist refers to an area in my lung as scar tissue as well. When I asked how does he know for sure his answer was: I know from experience. He also told me that my scar tissue is not easily accessible for biopsy unless it is done with an open surgery.  Let's hope the next PT scan supports the view of the new oncologist. If so you got yourself a winner but easy on the whiskey. I wish you the best.

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Well it all sounds good to me, a little Advil washed down with V8 juice should do the trick.   I was in the same boat, shopping around for a second opinion to determine if there was minimal residual disease that would require radiation..  turned out to be lung scar tissue.   The gang is right, it pays to see the experts...  

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29 minutes ago, LouT said:


This could be fantastic news.  I look forward to the confirmation.  Then we can all celebrate together.


Absolutely Lou.

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