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Scan results

Susan Cornett

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Had my 6 month scan last week - everything is stable - NED! I was, as usual, nervous going into this but especially because this is the longest I've gone between scans. I've now had 7 stable scans over the last 2 years. Now I think I can exhale. 


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Congrats, Susan!! I was wondering how you were doing--didn't realize you were waiting on scan results. 

We've been having a debate about when doctors use the term "NED" vs something like "complete response," the term used by my doc, which seems to amount to the same thing. Though when I asked him if what he was telling me was that I had NED, he sort of danced around it--because I do still have stuff you can see on the CT, unchanged, which he acknowledged might just be scar tissue. So I'm not completely clear whether that's a basis for distinguishing from NED or what.

Whatev. As long as it's not getting bigger and doesn't seem to be doing anything, I'm happy.

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Best part of all of this is that after a COVID test later this week - which should be negative because we go NOWHERE- I get to see my parents next week. I haven't seen them since February! We've all been playing safe and staying home but I need to go see them. Looks like Dad's got prostate cancer now so I just need to go home!!

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