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Hi everybody,

I went to get my MRI results today to see what whole brain radiation had done for me and it shows shrinkage in all 3 mets to the brain..The original scan was a CAT scan done at an emergency room at another hospital and my rad onc compared it to the MRI done yesterday.He did not have all the info from the other hospital that he needed as yet but will have in the next couple of days.He said that it looked like the big tumor went from 3cmx4cm down to 2cmx2.5 cm.This still sounds big to me but it is shrinkage and he said there is no swelling or edema so I take it as good news.I just wish I felt better to celebrate.He is going to continue with the chest radiation and I am going to try to get into a GVAX trial.Love to you all and thanks for your prayers.TBone

I posted this under test results as well.Too lazy to do two posts.Shame on me.TBone


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Hard to understand thay they can shrink something in an

empty head.

That is good for the reduction, and you will find out more about it later

when all your previous file are toghether.

Good Luck.


Sorry can'y log on, nithing works for me today.

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Hey T-Bone,

Congratulations on the good news. It sounds like alot of shrinkage to me. Let us know about the GVAX trial. I am always interested in the trials out there, especially since I'm on one. (Maybe - double blind :? )

Continued success with your radiation treatments. I'm so glad no swelling or edema. Keep up the good work and get plenty of rest!!

Our prayers are with you,


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I thought I posted to this earlier, but can't seem to find my dragon picture on the left side ANYWHERE! Am I blind or just blonde??

ANYHOW! GREAT on the shrinking, hope there's more of THAT to come, and best of everything with all the other stuff!

...and if you EVER decide to fish the Great Lakes, give me a call - I'll show you how it's done on the local slow-moving rivers (and I bait my own freakin' hook, just an FYI...used to bait it with skin off my daddy's neck,:shock: but that's a "bad cast" story...)


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