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2 YR.'S Cancer free today!!


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Today is a very good day!! :lol::lol: ;

2 years ago I was just waking up & in recovery, minus the tumor and minus my left lung; WOW, So much has changed;

and to boot!!!, my oncologist just gave me a call at home to tell me that my bone scans and x-rays were all GOOD; :lol: Moved my visits to every 2 months because of the pain in the back, and that's good cause he's thorough.

Very grateful today!! Good to be alive and glad you are all here!!

God bless you all and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC stage IIB- left pneumonectomy 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today! and taking the family out tonight!

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Oh bob...I am so inspired by your news. I am a "newbie" and I know the path ahead of me is long, but hearing your fabulous news is just what I needed. I am so happy for you, in fact I admit, I cried reading it, knowing the joy you and your family must be feeling. Congratulations, bob, you earned every beautiful day ahead of you. Enjoy....and my best wishes to you. What a happy day...God bless you. :D

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Guest tcandy214

bob i am soooooooo sooooooo happy for you and i cant wait for my 2 year date by then you will be up to 4 years great news t candy214 i keep coming up guest oh well

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Hap-py an-ni-ver-sary, hap-py an-ni-ver-sary, hap-py an-ni-ver-sary, HAP-PY AN-NI-VER-SA-RY. (remember that song from the Flintstones? when Fred got Wilma a stolen piano from the back of a truck , and then he and Barney sang that song to her for their wedding anniversary? "psst, hey mac, you want a piano?) Anyway, I digress. A TOAST "To a Wonderful anniversary, and MANY MANY MORE TO COME!!!!! (CLINK) CHEERS!!! :wink: " Take care, DEB

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Hey Bob,

HAPPY TWO YEARS AND 3 DAYS!! I'm three days late, but the good news is, your hear to see I am three days late!!! hahahahahehehehe!!!! :D

Boy, do I remember that 2 year mark!! You made it my friend, and there's no reason you can't make it another two year, and so on and so one, and so on...... My husband Maurie always says: It's for the NEEDY not the GREEDY! so, sense I was first dx.d, I have learned that a year here and a year there works just fine for me. No long range stuff, then I don't have to deal with the let downs if my wishes and dreams don't come through!! :roll: And my mother-in-law (rest her soul) every New Year she would ask God for ONE MORE YEAR, and she lived to see 89 years old. She use to say that she didn't ask for too much at one time!! :) Gotta think it worked pretty darn well for her!!! :) I can only hope it works well for me too!!! I'll share the wealth with you too!!! We even need to take baby steps in what we ask for!! (smile)!

Congratulations on your TWO YEAR MARK!!! It really is a BIG DEAL!!!


Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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