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Well guess it was my turn!


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Hi and greetings!

Just got home from a week in the hospital. Started last wed with a fever of 101, I got it down, but then on Thursday temp went up to 102, Doc said go to ER.

I spent a week in isolation, no WBC's, they went down to .07. hemo went down to 8 and platelets down to 20. Pretty much a whole body crash, complicated by sugars running in the 500's from the steroids they had me filled with. But I made it through.

There is some good news, we did the scans since I was in there any how. The tumor is gone!! The liver is clear!! there is "some" lymph node involvement yet, so not quite NED, but it is as far as he thinks he can get me for now, he says now we wait and watch, new scans in 2 months.

So there's my update!

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Dear Betplace,

I am glad to hear the good news regarding your scans and hope for the same in the future.

Since I have become involved in the lc board, it is apparent that several, including Sam, have or had problems with low WBC'S or low RBC'S, a documented known side effect of chemo. Even with the Aranesp and Neulasta injections, Sam struggled to keep his counts up this past summer. As a matter of fact, during this time is when he probably picked up the aspergillis. My point is, while the oncs are working so hard at treating the cancer, let us not forget to treat the side effects. For example, would not more frequent lab work just to monitor counts be more cost effective than a week long hospital stay, not to mention the illiness of the patient. It is difficult to stay on top of everything with this treatment, but one must try.

God bless us all.


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Great news. Shirley has some really good points.

Anyway it is interesting that you had the fever. There is some research of fever and "spontaneous remissions" you can do a search on google.

On another related note - there are clinical trials that are trying hyperthermia with chemo. I think they heat the chemo or somehow warm the body. I imagine it is probably very difficult to tolerate though, since the nausea and other side effects are so bad without the hyperthermia

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Yow. Well, sounds like your body was really inhospitable for the C-bugs!

I keep thinking that 50 years from now, people will look back on our cancer treatments and be totally horrified at what cancer patients used to go through.

Take care of yourself. Hope your next (excellent) scan is TOTALLY on-schedule :wink: !

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So sorry to hear about your hospital stay but that is wonderful news on the liver scan.

My hem was at 9 last Friday and I had to start the "A" shots and B12 and she told me to take Iron 3 times a day. I could only find 50mg tabs tho and one is supposedly 277% of your daily requirement. I'm not sure about taking 3 a day. Has it been suggested you take Iron supplements?

Anyway, take good care of yourself - glad you're feeling better!!

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Thanks for all the good wishes folks, I have spent the last 2 days napping and recovering and am feeling stronger tonight. I can tell the counts are going in a better dirction, here it is 10 pm and I am still awake, a minor miracle :LOL

Now I just have to figure out how to keep the beast at bay and life will be good.



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Guest Karen C

Betty - you are proving yourself to be one strong woman! You endured all that and you're kicking the LC's butt along with it! you go, girl!

Take care of yourself, I worry about folks like you who are single.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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